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The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
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RE: The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
Finally, I can post here. Last night i had my first one night stand

I went out by myself planning on practicing my socializing skills. I enter one bar look around and then go across the street to a club.

I get in grab a drink and hit the dance floor. I see a guy i know go over and chat with him for a second while meeting his boy. We all chat for a min then he leaves.

At that exact moment this punk looking brunette with red hair (6) walks up to me and we start chatting.

I stay my charming self and she eats it up

We dance a bit and i start to bring her close to me and we kiss.

We dance some more then go take a break. We talk joke around. And she's not a bad chick

So we go back in and grab her jacket from the vip

all the while were holding hands and hooking up every so often.

we both were sober ( i had one beer, and she had two)

The whole time im keeping cool making jokes and staying carefree.

We gather with her friends and start the walk to her house (she lives with roomates but they are never home)

So we ( me, her, her lesbian friend and her friend) get to her house.

The girls have a little conference. And i hear the girls giving there approval and then dip

From there we go upstairs. I immediately laydown with my feet up on the bed. she come over and straddles me and we start to hook up

she take off her shirt and i suck on her tits.

we continue and she mentions how "big" i am

As we go at it she is having multiple body shaking orgasims

after she puts on a movie and falls asleep on my chest. I cant go to sleep so i decide to leave. I though about just leaving with out leaving a note but i decide to leave a note telling her i had fun and that we should kick it again with my number.

I doubt she'll text but at least i made a effort.

It feels good to finally post here and get off the dry streak


a couple of lessons i learned

1. go out, you never know whats going to happen
2. go out to have fun, and forget about getting laid
3. if you can keep her attention and make her laugh your halfway there
01-10-2015 02:17 PM
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