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The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
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RE: The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
+1 second notch of the year.

Met her in a club on Saturday night, while showing an out-of-towner from Shanghai a good time.

She was on the dance floor dancing by herself and looked friendly, so I testing for compliance with a spin and then pulled her in to dance.

Took her back to the table, because she seemed to want to talk, then returned to the dance floor where my visitor and her friend paired off as well.

Got her number when she was leaving to take a drunk friend home.

Told her to say goodbye and pointing to my cheek. She kissed it, then the other one, but we she hesitated for a moment after, I kissed her on the lips. She was slightly taken aback, but didn't seem to mind.

Texted her the next day and arranged to meet up at a Mexican restaurant Wednesday night. I met her there, got some fun, flirty conversation going, then bounced to a cocktail lounge that I have on about 50% lock down. Bartenders know me and usually greet me. Demonstration of higher value.

Had a drink, light kino, long conversation. Went on a track, where we were making silly jokes about our hypothetical future together, either as lovers (having sex two times a day) or as a marriage couple (having sex four times a day). With the conversation comfortably sexualized, I pulled my usual moves of asking if her boobs were real or if the bra was doing all the work, discussing her ass, having her stand up and show off her body to me, etc. Compliance and green lights all the way.

Bounce to a third venue. The conversation stays sexual, but we also discuss my values. She's impressed. Tells me whoever marries me will be a lucky woman. I know I'm in.

We stare at each other silently, caressing each others hands. She stops meeting my eye, says she's shy.

I kiss her cheek, ask her if she still feels shy. She says yes. I kiss the other cheek. Still shy. Kiss her forehead, kiss her nose. Still says she shy. Kiss her lips.

Pull back, this time she has no trouble meeting my eye for several minutes. I go back in and we begin to make out intensely in the middle of a crowded, classy bar with people all around us and the waitstaff passing by us only inches away.

It's late. I'm not able to bounce her home, even though I live only ten minutes away. If she goes with me, she knows she'll only be able to get two hours of sleep before work. If she takes a cab home, she'll be able to get four or five hours. She acknowledges that she doesn't want to leave without me and suggests we meet up a few days later.

We make out for another twenty minutes on the street, before saying goodbye as she hails a cab.

The next day, I text her. She's got a friend visiting on Sunday, when she wanted to meet again, so I suggest that we just meet later on in the day, after work.

She comes to my neighborhood after her French class and we grab some takeout cheesecake at a classy local join, but I walk her home.

She's impressed by where I live, an upgraded 200 year old building with a courtyard from the Qing Dynasty. She's also acutely aware about the fact that she'd be hopelessly lost if she didn't have me guiding her through the tangle of alleyways that one needs to navigate to find my home.

We start eating the cheesecake with some coffee liqueur in milk. I show her the music I like. She barely touches her cake and drink, before we start making out.

I take her upstairs where it is warmer and we undress each other. She's wearing a thong. Unusual for a Chinese girl, but maybe more typical for a Taiwanese girl like her. She goes down on me with being instructed to.

We bang three times and she finishes me in her mouth the last time. Nice girl.

I walk her out of my neighbourhood and help her find a main road, so that she isn't going around in circles the whole night, trying to find civilization. We hail a cab and kiss goodbye.

I run home and type up this post.

I'm the King of Beijing!
01-22-2015 12:23 PM
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