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The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
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RE: The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
+1 Taiwanese MILF 6

She was born in Taiwan and came to the US as a teenager and still has her Taiwanese accent. I met her at university alumni event in Los Angeles in late November 2014. She seemed really into me and I spoke her for about 10 mins and got her number. She had a very slutty vibe. I noticed that she was checking me out the whole evening, but I was trying to get numbers from other women so I ignored her. She has also brough a friend with her, so there wasn't any way I could get her to leave with me.

I texted her the next day and asked her to meet up. She asked me to take her out to an expensive restaurant. I said no, better to go for a drink. She kept on trying to get me to go to art galleries and other high end expensive events and I kept on refusing. Then she went radio silent early December.

Fast forward a few weeks, and I sent out a Happy New Year text to a couple of women that I hadn’t interacted with in a while. She replied and we spoke on the phone…again, she tried to get me to go to an art gallery. She texted me a photo of herself, and I noticed that her hair is dyed dark red. I asked her if it’s red everywhere and she just laughed. I asked her if she would come over to my place, watch a movie and have some British snacks? She agreed and said she’d be at my place around 730, and that she had to leave around 1030 to get her friend from work (she’s a nurse). Since time was short there was no way she was ever gonna watch the whole movie..

She drives 30 mins to my place, and comes to my front gate. She’s wearing heels and a tight black dress which barely covers her arse. (I’m wondering why she’s dressed like that just to watch a movie..not that I’m complaining!). I walk her into my apartment – and she takes her shoes off straight away (that’s an Asian thing). She sits down and her skirt rides up, revealing panties have some glittery pattern on them. She asked to drink a shot of whisky and I grab a bag of Walker’s Quavers (British snacks), and she loves them.

[Image: quavers440.jpg]

We sit on my couch and start watching the movie, I watch about 10 mins, then I start cave manning her, and she gives me very weak LMR and grins, saying, “No I came here to watch the movie”. I start making out with her, she straddles me and starts grinding me. I grabbed her arse and noticed that she’s wearing a thong. I licked her titties then led her to the bedroom. Again she protests about and says she came to watch the movie. I get her on my bed, make out with her more, then she says” Do you have a rubber?” I then got the notch. She had perfect soft skin and is in great shape, but she won’t tell me her age. I suspect 40+, but some Taiwanese women are very well maintained.

After I finished she confessed that my British accent really turned her on and it was the first time she’d had an Indian dick in her. She said she was moist when I spoke to her at the alumni event and that she would possibly have let me bang her in one of the restrooms (She told me she has a fantasy of having sex public places). She said, ”You only brought me her so you can fool around right?” Me, “Yeah, of course, I did...fuck the film, I wanted to fuck you!” She hamsterised a bit when I asked her to blow me, she said, ”No, I barely know you!”

I went for round 2 and raw dogged her. She was a big screamer and called me an animal. I noticed it was 1030, and I “asked” her to leave. Job done!

I’m proud of the fact that I spent almost zero money for the bang. I got the price per bang reduced from a over a hundred dollars at a high end restaurant to a bag of snacks (which literally cost 20 cents) and a shot of whisky at my place.
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