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The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
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RE: The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)

Guys I have been on a tear that past few weeks. Ever since I had a professional photographer take photos of me, my online dating game has gone through the roof.

My last 13 nights detailed below. 9 bangs, 7 different girls, 5 new. All of these from Tinder/Hinge:

Thursday night:

Girl agrees to come over for drinks, and didn't shit test me about it. Told me she was looking forward to it, etc.

Once over, we are chatting and drinking and she starts lifting up her shirt to show me all her tattoos.

We make out after 2 hours but I can tell she’s not feeling it. I don’t think she was attracted to me.

You can always tell by the way they first kiss you.

No bang.

Friday night:
Cute 23 y.o. redhead yoga teacher came over for drinks. We had been talking for a few days via text and I thought she was pretty boring. Almost nexted her because our texts weren't hooking that well and I didn't think she was that into me.

Eventually though we setup a time to make dinner at my place, and she was into it. Shit tested me about "do you invite all the tinder girls over" blah blah blah. I told her "no, most of them are crazy cat ladies." Turns out she has 3 cats. Hah. 

Day before our date she tells me she has all kinds of food allergies, and so I say let's just drink instead. She gets turned on by this and super flirty over the next 24hrs. I knew it was on before she even came over. Took 4-5hrs of drinking and dancing at my place, then I pulled her to bed and banged her. Really fun girl, amazingly tight body.

Now she is getting super clingy and I think she thinks we are dating. Nice girl though so I will need to let her down gently, so I don’t fuck her up mentally for other guys. She is a sweet girl and will make a beta really happy one day.

Saturday night:
An old fling hit me up at 10pm when she was on a "bad online date." Told me she thought it would be hot if she left the date and came and fucked me. I thought that was hot too and so we did exactly that.

Sunday night:
A true 9 came over to make dinner. Half Lithuanian, half Japanese. Mid-twenties. Tall, fit, perfect body and perfect face. Took really strong text game to set everything up - she was hardcore shit testing me, telling me she only does dates at Starbucks, etc. Texting was fun and I thought I had a good chance of getting the bang. Told her to come over for dinner and to bring a bottle of wine. She refused to "agree" to coming over, only saying shit like "I could probably make that happen" or "that sounds like a good possibility." 

Girl is super awkward when she comes in, and I immediately sense that it's not going down. We end up having a great conversation for about 90 minutes before making dinner, but she has barely had 1/4 of her 1st wine glass. Red flag #1. At some point I lock eyes with her and pull her in for the kiss. She is open to kissing me but is extremely stiff and almost barely doesn't even kiss me back. Keeps her hands flat at her sides. Red flag #2. We start making dinner and she is texting her mom that "she's ok." Red flag #3. Starts talking about her church and her faith, and then later about her ex-boyfriends. Red flags #4 and #5.

I kiss her again after dinner and she keeps her arms folded. I'm thinking she is just a good girl and I send her off into the night, thinking that maybe I will take her out in the future and see what could happen, but to be honest I’m not really feeling it. I spoke to a forum member about this experience and he said I should take her out on the town as a DHV, so I might try to do that. Long story short, no bang.

Monday night:
[on friday via texting]
me: "we should get together sometime next week, does monday or tuesday work better for you?"
her: "monday works great, what do you want to do?"
me: "let's make drinks and play card games at my place"
her: "sounds like fun"
me: "ok text me when you're heading out and I'll send my address"


her: “Wow, I really didn’t expect that to happen.”
next day text from her: "uhmmm...that was incredible...are you free again anytime this week?"

Tuesday night:
Girl came over to make dinner with me.

Once inside, she never even mentions dinner so I just roll with it.

We make drinks and she goes and sits on the couch, and starts getting flirty.

Loves making out with me but refuses to bang.

Sleeps over. Agrees to come over again after work that same night.

Wednesday night:
Finally make dinner with the girl from Tuesday. She is shit testing me about relationships so I told her straight up that I’m not going to date her long term, but I don’t just want a one night stand either. And that I’d be happy to spend time with her and have fun, but can’t promise anything else.

This is all truth (though it might not sound like it) and she is cool with it. I am honestly happy to spend time with a cool girl, but I also don’t mind that they know up front it isn’t going to turn into an LTR, and that I’m not going to be their husband one day. Some girls are cool with this and some are not, and I won’t push them either way.

Anyway, this girl was down and she screamed and moaned so loud I thought I was going to get evicted.

Thursday night:
Redhead from last Friday comes over for a re-bang. She won't go down on me this time. Body is still smoking so I'll hit it again in the future.

Friday night:
My easiest, fastest bang ever with an 8+ girl. Interesting case study so I'll break it down:

We chat on tinder maybe 2-3 messages each. Stupid shit about making out or something and I didn't think it was going anywhere, so I tell her to text me something seductive the next day. I had never tried this before, but to my surprise she sends me photos from a bikini photo shoot she did. 

Asks me to return the favor and I send her a shirt half off post-workout pic. She sends me a winky face. I tell her to text me a surprise in the morning. She waits until afternoon, but sends me a sexy selfie. I suggest that we have "playtime" soon and she agrees. This was the extent of our texting conversation, and it was very basic after this point.

The day of our "date" comes around, and she bails the morning of, citing having to stay late at work. Normally this is a dead end for me but she suggests taking a raincheck and meeting up another time. Good sign. I hit her up a few days later and she is responding, but taking a long time to write back, giving me short answers, not asking questions, etc. I am thinking this is 100% dead but I'll keep pushing.

On Sunday we set a new date of Friday, but it's 5 days away and I'm concerned I'm going to lose her before then. I try in vain during the week to strike up a conversation, and she's giving me *nothing.* I think it's 20% chance she actually shows up. 

During the week I ping her every other day, and she is giving me one words answers. "yup, sure, ok, 7pm works, whats your address, etc."

On Friday she tells me she's on the way over, and I *still* think it's a 20% chance she shows up. When she gets inside my place she is looking sexy as hell, but I still am thinking it's 50/50 anything goes down. I couldn't figure this girl out but she is maintaining strong eye contact with me and making a good effort to keep the "getting to know you" conversation going.

Anyway, we crush a drink and I go for the kiss. She is really into it and doesn't want me to stop and I immediately get aggressive with her and she is absolutely loving it and I bang the hell out of her, and she comes all over me and my bed.

She has a petite body, long legs, flat stomach, firm round ass, and really knows how to fuck.

It was the best sex I've ever had.

The whole time I was banging I kept thinking it was still only 50/50 that she didn't try to murder me or something. It felt like it was too good to be true.

Normally I don't go caveman, but she had told me 3 key things:

1. "I drove 30 minutes to get here."
2. "I was once in a relationship and engaged for over 5 years."
3. "I've met 5 or 6 guys from Tinder so far but they've all been lame. I tried to kiss one guy after our dinner date but he didn't kiss me back. To me that was her way of saying: "I'm extremely horny and I've been actively trying to get dicked down for weeks but all the guys I keep meeting are losers."

The lesson here? Invite the girls to your place for the date. The really horny ones will be eager to come over!

Saturday Night: free night
Sunday night: Banged regular (#2)
Monday night: Banged regular (#1)

Tuesday night:
New girl. Long hair and stunning eyes and a huge booty.

me: “Is it too late in the day to have bloody mary’s on the deck?”
her: “haha no that sounds fun”
me: “ok let’s meet here at 7, I’ll grab some drinks for us”
her: “Do you normally invite strangers over to your place”
me: “No but I googled you and found out that you’re not fat or crazy or married.”
her: “You’re ridiculous. See you at 7.”


her: “That was unexpected. Did you know that was going to happen?”

Text next day: “that was a really fun night, thanks for having me over. I had a lot of fun with you Smile

A real cutie with strong mini-relationship potential is driving 40 minutes to come make dinner with me. She hooked right off the bat and I can tell she likes me a lot.

her: "what should I bring tonight"
me: "a bottle of red wine, a personal object that will tell me a lot about you, and a really corny joke."
her: "You're so cute. I'm really looking forward to meeting you Smile"

We'll see what happens...
01-28-2015 01:52 PM
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