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The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
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RE: The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
I met and ran some street game and dance game in a club with CodyB on Wednesday night. It wasn't exactly an impressive night for gaming options in Hong Kong's LKF, but we had fun regardless.

I opened two Singaporean chicks who turned out to be sisters visiting HK for just a couple days. CodyB demonstrated his prowess with SEA women, demonstrating some serious value with his knowledge of Singapore and the culture there. The girls were very impressed and entertained by us.

We probably could have instant dated the girls, but after 45 minutes of street level chatting, I suggested we disengage, because it was our first legit set of the night and I felt that I'd be nice to line up some different options throughout the night.

Additionally individually isolating the sisters for the purposes of sex seemed unlikely and while my target was very good looking, the younger sister wasn't as impressive (although not bad) and CodyB didn't deserve to have to jump on a grenade all night.

The rest of the night didn't result in many good leads, but I did have a Filipino guy grab by throat, smash his beverage bottle on the street and try to start a fight with me because his girlfriend and I started flirting. Haha.

I texted gamed the Singaporean girl the next afternoon. She was friendly enough. Initially, when I suggested that she come see me without her sister, she didn't want to, because of course she felt bad about leaving her sister unaccompanied.

I went on a pub crawl with CodyB and suddenly start getting texts from the Singaporean that seem to suggest that she's changed her mind.

I got a makeout with a girl that had literally just turned 18 from India, but she had a few more shots and despite real interest in me initially, she started acting weird, possibly because her friend kept telling her to leave with me so that she could lose her virginity on her 18th birthday.

So, I decided to make my move on the Singaporean, who finally agreed to come meet me for some late night drinks and a movie. I met her, grabbed a couple girly beverages at a 7-11 and took her back to my hotel room shoebox to "watch a movie."

We just talked for about an hour, building comfort, before I escalated to hand holding, then kissing. Never watched that movie.

The only LMR I got was because she was on her period, but I told her I would drink the blood (thank you Roosh) and we laid down a towel and gave her a good pounding -- twice.

Third notch of the year, first notch in Hong Kong (took me till my third night in the city) and first Singaporean (Javanese) flag.

I'm the King of Beijing!
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