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The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
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RE: The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
(02-02-2015 03:43 PM)Travesty444 Wrote:  kaotic,

Would you mind sharing the chat conversation you had with the 18yo to build the comfort to just go pick her up and bring her back? My friend and I brought back a pair of Tinder girls 18 and 19 a few weeks ago and banged. The conversation was short but we got lucky it was a Friday night and they were new in town and bored.

I think the text conversations to build comfort for zero date bangs is helpful to everyone (I think this is where the value is). Everyone on the forum already has a great handle on how to set up date 1's for the First Date Bang Recipe etc...

I am so lazy at text game with maybe a phone call thrown in to build comfort for zero date bangs because I don't like texting. Also the chicks I tend to get numbers from in real life or online take awhile to get back to my texts which makes me take even longer... so the conversation is a slow burn.

I often wonder if the trade of more extended texting, phone call etc... to build comfort and get her to come right over is worth it vs. just setting up date 1 going out for an hour or two then bringing her home and banging her with minimal texting.

I find texting multiple chicks constantly throughout the week breaks my focus on other things so I try to cut it as short as possible.

This is what I do:

Obviously you need to number close, I don't do the message, KIK, etc BS.

Get a confirmed pic of her AND her body if you can. (IF you haven't met her in person, but why not get some more pics anyways?)

Once you number close AND you know have some free time in the next few days, strike while the iron is hot and build some comfort texts then set the time place and day for the date.

IF you can't secure a date in the next few days default to maintenance text game.

I think we all know by now girls LOVE talking about themselves and answering questions to explain themselves.

What I use is a stealth 21 questions game:

-I'll start off with asking what trouble they're getting into today, then relate to something they're doing, or should be doing.
-Then ask another question about their day or something I noticed on their profile.
-Usually you'll find some sticking points you both can relate too.
-Keep asking her questions about that, but just ask a few a day.

-DON'T text her too much.
-DO text her after a long enough gap. (Don't wan't to be seen as not busy and thirsty)
-DON'T have more than 2 convos a day. (You're a busy guy right ?)
-Send her a pic of something you did during the day/night.
-Send her a meme or a funny pic that reminded you of her.
-Let her send you the last text of the night, so you can pick up where you left off the next day.


Typically I'll get a feel for her schedule, then tell her to call me since I'm driving (which I usually am) and don't want to die (typically happens after 5pm):

"Hey call me, driving, don't want to die"

This is also a compliance/submissive test to she if she does what you ask, honestly I've gotten a pretty high rate of her calling me.

Keep a deep, strong, and commanding voice when talking.

I'll chat with her and say that "I hate texting, you can understand someone so much better over the phone." I might say "I figured we can talk because it's easier, and as a man I figured I'd introduce myself, and make sure you don't sound like a man -laugh-". (if you closed her online)

You guys get the idea, now control the convo, ask her about her day, some questions about things you noticed when you first met her, or saw her profile, then after a bit tell her you've gotta bounce because you "have plans/gym/meet with a friend/going to a show/whatever"

You can always follow up the next day with "well I'm glad you don't sound like a man, now to find out if you have a dick or not !" etc. (if you closed her online)

Getting her on the phone is a very important step, because she's willing to separate you from the rest of the guys she's texting, put her phone to her face and talk, instead of rapidly texting.

You can skip a day between convos if it's super long game text, you should be fine.

Just remember skip alot of the boring BS ask them semi personal questions, ask them for stories, tell them stories, give them a nickname, or make an inside joke.

You need to be creative to set yourself apart from the regular thirsty dude blasting her phone.

BigBait has got it dialed:
-DON'T spend excess time texting these girls.
-Set a time to text them all back.
-Hell do it on the shitter or the break.

NOTE: This is pretty basic and crude at best, even amateurish. It's a start and you get the idea, but we all add our own flavors of course.

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