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The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
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RE: The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
+1, Vietnamese flag, notch #4 for 2015

19 (5 days ago) year old, short (5'1"), 6.5 (tight body, OK face, no boobs), Viet chick from Tinder.

This is the youngest girl I have hooked up with since swallowing the red pill.
We were supposed to meet up last week but she forgot it was her birthday (teenagers Facepalm2) and so rescheduled to last night. At least she remembered a few days before our date so it wasn't a last minute flake. I was a bit put off by the excuse but she seemed genuine and since she wanted to reschedule I figured she was actually still interested.

Comes around to the other night and she texts me half an hour before our date that she is going to be late. Uh Oh I think, this is a bad sign. When I still haven't heard from her half an hour after our date was supposed to start I ping her and she responds that something has come up and she is trying to resolve it ASAP. I don't bother responding and think well that's a flake and get ready to post in the "I just got flaked on thread" as it's the first time I've had a girl flake on me last minute. I would like to thank this forum for reinforcing logistics to me, you always have dates close to your place so you're not put out by this kind of thing. Thinking it's done I crack a beer and settle in for the night when to my surprise she texts me again half an hour later "I'm so sorry. I'll be there soon." Riiiiiiight, I think Amuse. So I respond with "I'm drinking at my place. Come here if you want to hang out." Again to my surprise she replies "Yeah address?" I give her my address and 10 minutes later she knocks on my door. It is 10pm by this stage and 1.5 hours after our date was supposed to be.
I'm buoyed by the fact that she has come through and rocked up at my place so that this has gone from a First Day Bang attempt to a Zero Date Bang attempt, but I feel flat after sitting around and relaxing for the past couple of hours.

I had my prep right this time so got the background music going. She has driven and is on her P's but accepts a drink from me anyway (Massive IOI as this means that she is planning on staying for a while as she has to be zero blood alcohol to drive on her P's ). She sits down at my dinning table to start with but I tell her to sit on the couch when I hand her a drink which she does immediately (compliance). We start talking and her body language is pretty good from the get go although she does that girl thing of constantly hugging a cushion. Rolleyes
She is a bit hyperactive with her talking which I couldn't tell if it was due to nerves or just her, I think now that it's just her. We had good conversation, I teased her and she in turn paid out the interior design of my apartment (she is a design student) which I joined in on as it's all my house mates stuff and some of it is pretty terrible. I started with light kino pretty quickly and while she didn't actively respond back with her own it was well received.
I continued to build comfort for about an hour before I went for the kiss which she accepted. She didn't respond as keenly as I would have liked though so I continued escalating the kino (including removing the offending pillow barrier) and comfort building conversation until I had her lying with her head in my lap on the couch before going for it again. This time the response was much better so I escalated the makeout before throwing her over my shoulder and cave manning her to my bedroom.
We get there and she puts up a bit of LMR which I push through before she admits it's because she's on her rag. It was actually quite funny, she said "I'd like to say I'm resisting because I don't sleep with guys on the first date but that's not true, I have. It's just that I have my period and I've never done it during that before." Gold. Laugh2
I just grab my red towel (again props to the forum for this one), tell her I don't care and proceed to get the rest of her clothes off.

We bang but it wasn't amazing. She wasn't really into foreplay, just wanted to get straight on the D and get banged. I have found this with a couple of Asian girls now, they just want you to get straight to banging them with as little build up as possible. This would be OK if they were energetic during the bang but they aren't, so it's just boring. I'm really thinking about not bothering with Asian girls any more despite how much better their bodies usually are.

It's 1.30am by this stage and I have to be up in 5 hours to go to work so I reject her efforts to bang again and go to sleep.
In the morning we bang again and then I jump in the shower. She jumps in with me but as soon as she realises I'm actually there to shower and not bang her again she jumps out. This girl clearly loves the D.

I think I'll add her to the roation as I recently had one drop off so i have a spare spot. Hopefully I can train her up to be a better bang.
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