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The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
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RE: The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)

My hot streak continues. Tuesday's are a great night for a first bang.

I am more or less fucking a different girl every night of the week for the past month. I have not had a free night in awhile. Friday I fucked 2 girls maybe 12 hours apart.

2015 so far: 9 different girls, 7 new. That is a new girl every 6 days, with lots of rebangs in between. It's a fun year so far!

Last Tuesday: girl that had opened me on tinder. She hooked hard at first and I made her text me a bunch of selfies. Skinny super cute 24 year old from a half hour outside town. On Tuesday morning my date for that night cancelled, so I hit up this girl. We had been chatting via text, although she didn't really respond very much and I considered her a lukewarm prospect at best. To my surprise she agreed to come over that night for drinks, and the rest was history.

Banged within about 2.5 hours. She asked me to put a condom and then she mounted me reverse cowgirl. I thought that was unique. I love girls that know how to bang.

She didn't respond to my safety follow up text the next day. First time that has ever happened. Luckily I always run an audio recorder when girls come over, so that is my insurance. I'm not worried though, she loved getting fucked.

Tonight: a barely 22 year old college senior. Skinny but otherwise only hot because she is a college senior. Again, a lukewarm prospect that I didn't think anything would happen with. I had thought she was a prude, and hadn't even saved her name in my phone until this morning.

Banged after about 2 hours. One of her professors is a well known local business magnate, and she emailed him an introduction to me about half an hour before I banged her. That's like a double win!

I have never had this much sex in my life. Last night this chick was begging me to choke her with my cock; tonight it was a tight college girl, tomorrow I am going to try to fuck this Persian girl. It's weird because I've set the standard very high for myself now. If I don't fuck for 24 hours I start getting antsy and need to find some pussy.

I'm not sure how long this energy level will last but right now I'm taking it as far as I can go.
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