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The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
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RE: The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
+ 1 from SA again.

24 y/o white girl in Midwest, I will give her a good 7, moved here 2 months ago for a Job at Corporate office for a bank. We exchanged messages on SA, she lives 20 miles from a Big City (about 80 miles from me) and uses public Transport, I planned to pick her up after work. She commented on the lack of refined male material in the area.

I did not plan properly for Logistics but told her that I come to the City where she works once a week. Picked her up from office and we went to an Irish bar, Drinks and Apps and she points towards a server that she is so pretty and has a lot of energy, I tease for having lesbian tendencies and affirm that it is all cool to be a Bi, I waive the server over and tell her that my friend here likes you. They both look at each other and Hug, The server got excited and said well i can give her a Chest bump, They do and I tell them well that was a Breast bump & not a chest bump but not fair as I wasn't included and they include me and I go on and bump both of them, everyone was laughing.

Conversation got sexualized and she comments about the Sexy short dresses that the servers are wearing, I tell her Hooters Girls have better dresses, she has never been there, I suggest hooters as 2nd Venue and we are there, I ask her If she smokes, she does when she is drinking and We get beers and go outside to smoke and I Kiss her just like that, like It was normal. She was into it and I parted before she could have her fill. I bought her a Hooters shirt as a prop that I planned to ask her to model for me with sinister Intentions (Didn't needed it afterall)

Suggested to go Listen to some Music, she agreed, took her to the Hotel, Told her I don't want to drive back since I have been drinking and will get a hotel for the night here. In in the room, Music On, she is laying next to me, I jump her, Zero LMR. One of the tightest pussy I have entered in a while, She let out a sigh as I entered. Some days Girls are just easy. I was thinking well that went well aren't you even going to give me token resistence. 2nd Round I came over her face and Chest something I used to think is dirty to do and this Girls facial expressions changed after my semen was dropped on her chest and face, she was looking at me like I'm her master and she is my slave. needless to say there was a lot of hair pulling and Ass slapping.

50 Shades of Grey also came up in discussion, she has read all three books , mentioning it as WIA has started a thread on it.

Post Bang review: I can't point why I was able to bang her out on the first date, I showed pics to my friends and they were drooling. Here are some of the reasons why

1. May be it was that I was the right man at the right time as she broke up with her BF of 6 yrs 2 months ago and don't really have any friends in this new town.

2. She is a White Girl who likes diversity.

3. She is Wild, 50 shades of Grey, likes rough sex etc.

4. I sexualized the convo early in the meeting getting the server Breast Bump the girl, I think that was the turning point.

5. Playing standard Fuck up avoidance game, Venue change, Alcohol etc etc.

Bottom line put in your due diligence and pussy gods will reward you from time to time. happy hunting players.

"You can not fake good kids" - Mike Pence
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