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The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
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RE: The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
+1, #5 for 2015, Philippines flag, 26 year old 5/10 (7/10 in her pics) from Tinder

Got this girls number months ago but didn't manage to meet up with her last year and then she went back to the Philippines for Christmas and New Year.
Reconnected in early Feb and organised to meet up for a drink on Valentines day.

Despite living in the same area as me and therefore not being far from the bar we met at and me not getting to the bar until 20 minutes after we were supposed to meet she still arrived after me. She had let me know she was going to be late at least.

Unfortunately when she rocked up she was not as pretty as in her photo's. Maybe they were old as she looked older than in them but I decided to persist as she was still bangable and I wanted the flag.

She was a bit awkward and shy at first and I had to really work to get the conversation going but pretty soon she opened up and I got her laughing and created a good vibe.
As per usual once she was comfortable I initiated light kino. She allowed me to touch her but did not respond by touching me back or playing with her hair which used to put me off, make me doubt myself and make me think it wasn't working out but I am used to this now. If a girl is touching me back then the bang is in the bag but as long as she isn't moving away from me and/or giving negative body language I've learnt you're still good to go.
She did however maintain a couple of defensive techniques throughout namely keeping her purse in her lap or between us and keeping her cardigan on despite it being quite warm in the bar.

I deviated from Tuth's First Date Bang recipe by going for the second round at the same venue as I felt that she wasn't ready for the push back to my place yet and needed a bit more comfort building, mostly due to the defensive techniques above. I maybe should have venue changed for round 2 however we had a good spot where we were and being a Saturday night every bar was going to be packed.
She had admitted early in our date that she wasn't a big drinker as she couldn't really handle it so when I suggested we get round 2 and she agreed and got a GnT I knew it was going well despite the defensive posturing of the handbag and cardigan.

We keep vibing as we drink our second round and I'm feeling pretty good when I duck off to the toilet. I've been experimenting with different bait/excuses for getting the girl to come back to my place for a drink so this time when I came back from the bathroom I told her I realised I left my work phone at home and did she mind if we ducked back to my place to get it before heading back out.
I'm thinking it wasn't a good line though as she responded that she was going to head home instead. Not the response I was looking for.
Luckily we had discovered earlier in the night that her house was in the same direction as my place so instead of bothering to counter her I just went with it and said that's cool, I'll walk with you. I knew this would give me 10 minutes of alone time with her without other people around

We left the bar and started walking in the direction of our places and I started up with observing how early it was (10.30pm) for a Saturday and how everyone else was still heading out and how we were old for heading home. I also said I was going to head back out after I got my work phone.
She agreed with my observations so when we were getting close to where we would part ways I said to her "It's too early to call it night, I'm going to have a drink at my place, join me and you can head home after that." It was a bit of a last ditch attempt but I felt that she had been having a good time and was just a bit shy. Turned out I was right as she agreed to come to my place for a drink.

We walk the rest of the way to my place and I go through the usual routine, shoes off, put some background music on, give her a tour and then we sit on the couch and chat a bit more. She refuses a beer and asks for a water instead which I don't really mind as I know it's basically in the bag at this point, just a matter of time.
She is still not giving off any IOI's (apart from being at my place) but I take her purse, put it on the side table and then go for the kiss. She accepts the kiss passively at first and then gives a little back before I pull away. She makes a couple of LMR observations which I don't bother responding to and I keep chatting to her like nothing happened.
I have to do this a couple more times before she warms up and starts getting into the makeout.
When she finally started getting into it all LMR dropped away and it was on. I get most of her clothes off in my lounge room before carrying her to my bedroom for the bang.

This girl loved it and kept moaning about how wet and turned on she was. She gave a good BJ and was nice and tight but she kept stopping me during the bang as it was hurting her which was annoying but meant that we banged for ages before I eventually nutted.

She got post-SNL remorse pretty much straight away and while I did some damage control including a "woah, I didn't expect that to happen" I don't think she really bought it as she skedaddled pretty quickly.
I'd like to bang her again as she was decent lay so we'll see if I can recover the situation.
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