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The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
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RE: The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)

Guys, I don't think I'm on a hot streak anymore, I think I have simply reached a new game standard for myself. I've optimized my tinder game, and the result is a flooding of quality pussy into my life, and I simply can't turn it down.

Of the past 35 nights, 33 have been with various girls. I have had exactly 2 free nights since mid-January. And both "free" nights were the results of girls canceling on me.

So far in 2015 I'm at: 11 bangs, 9 new girls!

Those 33 nights also include dates/makeouts with 5 or 6 girls that I didn't bang or otherwise am on track to bang.

I am seeing 2 girls this week that will be 3rd date and 2nd date. I like them both, and both should lead to bangs and hopefully mini-relationships. Very cool chicks. I am also seeing a girl that went cold over a month ago, but then she re-opened me randomly via text. I think she is horny!


23 year old very sexy introverted gal.

Again, a lukewarm prospect. If you had asked me on Monday who I was most likely to bang this week, she would have been on the very bottom of the list. In fact, she would have been on my least likely to bang list for the past month. I think I see a pattern here: the girls I feel I'm least likely to bang, are the ones I end up banging.

Her tinder pictures had 4 headshots and only 1 body shot, and it was from a distance. However, it was enough for me to see that she was skinny, so it was game on.

In person, she was 1-2 points hotter than expected. Extremely pretty and youthful face. Skinny. Long hair, big bright eyes, great smile. An 8 through and through. Incidentally, she also has a pretty interesting life and career. Rarely is this a turn on, but on occasion it is very sexy to see a girl who has her shit together and is doing something interesting, rather than just waiting tables and floating through life.

I want to break down this date and bang because I think there are lessons to be learned. So it will be for my own benefit, and also the benefit of whoever reads this.

There are rare occasions where I can feel the girl is ON, but there is SO much nuance, that you really have to be paying close attention to pick up the signals. For all intents and purposes, this girl would have been a cold prospect to anyone else, but there were enough unconventional indicators that it made me push forward.

Positive signs:
She opened me on Tinder
Responded to texts promptly
Showed up to date on time
Looked pretty
Maintained eye contact
Drank her drink slightly faster than I was, and didn't hesitate to go for a second round
No shit tests

Neutral signs:
Never rejected my physical escalations, but didn't return physical touching except for one brief moment where she put her hand on my leg
The conversation stalled out a number of times, and she awkwardly smiled and looked down
I had to really bring out my best game to keep the interaction going - the conversation was very forced at times
She was shy and didn't know what to do in many situations

Negative signs:
Asked me nearly zero questions about myself (I had to offer up all the info about me)
Was not interested in my stories
Seemed bored at a couple points
Wasn't engaging with my conversation threads: I usually talk about travel, the future, dreams, etc., and girls like to ask follow up questions, and get into these topics. She did not.
She kept returning to comfort zone topics (her work and her boss)

Unclear signs:
Didn't bring up Tinder or dating
Previously, via text, had told me this was her first tinder date
Didn't ask me if I had been on tinder dates before, or if I was seeing other girls
Didn't ask me where I lived, or if I had been to this bar before.
Didn't ask why I came out with her, what I liked about her, what I was thinking about

These are all very interesting signs to me, and I think they are a strong indicator of attraction. I don't know why, but when a girl doesn't acknowledge that we're on a first date, or that we met on tinder, or ask about my dating life, then it seems to always lead to an interaction where the girl is VERY into me.

The lesson from tonight is that these Negative and Neutral signs, and the Unclear signs, are, in some cases, actually POSITIVE signs. Here's my theory: she came out with me because she was attracted to me. After all, she opened ME. The date was just for conventional sake, and my attempts to attract her via conversation and story telling were in vain, because she was already into me. She was introverted, and just needed me to make the moves to get her home. The conversation was OK, but entirely unnecessary.

After the second drink, I still wasn't really sure what the hell to do. Our pre-date texts and on-date conversation had been 0% sexual. At one point, I had told her to scoot her chair closer to me, and now our legs were touching. I asked her "do you want to go make another drink with me?" She nodded, and we left. I held her hand on the walk back to my place, keeping the conversation going. She never asked me where we were going, or what we were going to do when we got there. Another unclear/positive sign.

When we got home, we made a drink, and after a few minutes I kissed her. She was very shy, but she grabbed my and pulled me closer. Eventually I led her to bed, and we banged. There was zero LMR, and she was smiling the whole time I was banging her. I really liked that. It was a sign that she was getting what she wanted!

Tried to bang a second time, but I've been fucking so much lately that I couldn't keep it up.

Drove her home, and she texted me before I could get back to my place.

Sometimes, I really do think that nice girls want to have sex, but they don't know how to get it. When I come into the picture, I lead them into what they want, and they never resist and end up enjoying it tremendously.

Keys to the bang:
- Found a commonality when initially texting that led to high level of comfort
- Tried to run Zero Date Bangs on her, but failed. She asked to meet in public, and I obliged. This move, however, set the tone for the date, and she knew I wanted her
- Put my arm around her and left my hand on her hip within the first 5 minutes of meeting, while we were at the bar waiting for drinks
- Pulled her closer to me while sitting and drinking our second drink, so that our legs were touching
- Took her home without acknowledging where we were going or why


The other girl I banged was on Tuesday night.

It is the first time that a girl has gone sexual with me on Tinder, and that I actually ended up banging. She was simply just incredibly horny, and I was the first guy to run some game on her and get her over.

I had texted her around 8:45pm as I was walking home from a failed date, and she agreed to come over for "playtime."

Banged within 25 minutes of meeting (we were making out within 5 minutes). My fastest ever bang.

Hot body, but otherwise nothing of note here. I think I just got lucky with this one.

Made me realize that without the chase, the bang is much less fun.

Tomorrow I am hanging out with the 22 year old college girl I banged a week or so ago.

I didn't intend to see her again, but she sent me a text Tuesday that said "Let's bake chocolate chip cookies and have sex." So how could I turn that down??
02-20-2015 03:33 AM
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