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The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
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RE: The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
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41 y/o Bolivian 6.5 off POF, she looks closer to 31 than 41 and had a nice boob job... first Bolivian flag, she looked so much better and fucked so much better than the girl from the night before. Even when I was on top of my game before I got married, I never banged two girls in one weekend, back to back!! If this is a sign of things to come, my life is gonna be a fucking pussy bonanza and I don't know how I'm going to manage it all!

I'm fucking exhausted, and I'm reserving all day Sunday as the day to myself - no game, no girls, just ME. I'll post more details about this one later. Going back to sleep, good night boys

More details on this one. First, I set up a POF profile that presented myself as one who is NOT taking the online dating thing too seriously. Basically cocky and funny, but since it is via online, it's more tilted toward funny than cocky. Along with that, I have a nice mix of photos... a couple professional face shots, one of me skydiving, one with a group of male friends, and another partying it up with a group of girls hanging off me. HOWEVER, I do make sure my English and grammar is perfect. Women hate profiles that are badly written or riddled with grammatical mistakes.

Sent out copy & paste openers to a few girls, and almost every one of them responded. I followed up with another copy and paste message saying how all these guys send lame messages like "hey" "damn u sexy" or "wat up" and asked how they put up with that kind of shit.

One girl responded how she lost faith in humanity and is a hair away from converting to a nun Laugh (I have a date with her tomorrow). Another girl, the Bolivian, said she gets it all the time and thought my profile was funny and original. After a couple of exchanges, I go for the digits... and here occurs the critical point in the entire arc from open to bang:

Her: Well, before I give my number, what assurance do I have that you're for real and your pictures are not a hundred years old?
Me: Ahhh okay you got me. My real age is 135, and my pictures are indeed a hundred years old!
Her: Hahaha you're funny. XXX-XXX-XXXX

Then as we set up the date, we keep the elderly couple joke going...

Her: So when we meet at xxxx, are you going to be the one in a wheelchair or a cane?
Me: Neither, I'll bring my walker.
Her: Ooh sexy!
Me: You bringing your heels, right?
Her: I'll wear my orthopedic shoes so I can keep up with your walker.
Me: Even sexier!
Her: Oh man we are going to look so HOT tonight!
Me: Yes, get ready!

We meet up, and as soon we hug, I kiss her on the cheek. I am realizing that even a simple but ballsy move of kissing her on the cheek in the beginning of the date is VERY powerful and is extremely critical to setting the tone for the entire date. I cannot overstate this. It's just like a football game where the first few plays set the tone for the rest of the game. The last 3 times I did this, it resulted in 2 bangs and 1 heavy makeout. Could've easily been 3 for 3 if not for a strange case of strong LMR.

I order wines for us (I always ask whether they prefer red or white, and choose accordingly). We sit at the bar for half an hour and talk, laugh, and drink. Then I do a "mini venue change" and move us to a booth in another room of the bar. We sit down, and I ask her if she's comfortable. She says yes, and I get us another round of wine.

As for the conversation, basically what I did was before the date, I mentally make a list of topics to cover for our date. It's a mistake to rehearse actual conversations because that will come off as too scripted. Just brief bullet points in my head. Each topic in my mental list is designed to accomplish the following:

- Laughter. It is just as powerful, if not more, than alcohol as a date lubricant.

- DHV. Examples: travel, knowledge about relationships, etc

- Comfort. Showing her pictures of my cute young nieces (one with me in a tickle fight with them, and another showing my niece trying to put my oversized jacket on) - oh my, you guys, girls EAT that shit up!

- Sexual appeal. Light kino that gradually escalates over time... talk about salsa dancing... belly dancing, and how I love women who know how to express their feminine appeal and that it's so exciting. Talk about how I'm a very visual person with a discerning appreciation for beauty (while looking her up and down). Nothing overt here! It's all generating a covert undercurrent of sexual appeal.

Here, I am following Tuth's first date bang recipe. Except I kissed her at the wine bar. There were a couple of "awkward silences" with a very strong undercurrent of attraction, and I felt it would have been a mistake to NOT go for it. So I put my wine glass on the table, took her wine glass out of her hand, and set it on the table. Then I stroke her hair around her ear as I move in, and kiss her on the lips. No tongue at first, and then as she gets into it, we gradually get into tongue-ing.

I was a little worried that, because of the kiss, I will run into resistance when I try to take her back to my place. But I went for it anyway.

Me: "Another glass of wine ?" -- said as a mixed question and statement... as if you're looking up at dark clouds on the horizon and say "it's about to rain (?)"
Her: "Yes please"
Me: "My place."

To my surprise, she said yes and didn't make a fuss at all. She goes to the bathroom as I close my tab, and we go to my place. 5 minutes later, the clothes come off, and we bang. I actually was slow to get it up, so I spent that time eating her out as I play with her tits. Also finger banged her, and then she gave me a BJ and deepthroated me. That got me hard enough, so I had her take me in on top. Then I flip her and I fuck her missionary. Then I flip her and do her doggie and I cum on her ass. These No-Fap guys are onto something... I hadn't fapped in a week and I was surprised how much cum there was!

TL;DR - the keys are:
- Be funny, laugh, and don't take things too seriously

- Set the tone at the beginning of the date, unlike other guys who wait to kiss at the end. I do, however, go for the cheek at the beginning.

- Lead. Lead. LEAD.

- Escalate. Escalate. ESCALATE.

- Most important key for inner game: Unlock the primal predator in you. Societal forces and feminism serve to put your primal predator in a cage, trapped. Learn to unlock that cage within yourself, and make no apologies for your primal desire for the opposite sex.

^ This reminds me of one episode of Orange is the New Black, where the main female character offers a black male inmate a BJ in exchange for something she wants in return. The black dude slaps her hand down and says "No, don't! I'm a predator! It's no fun when you offer."

Now today is only ME and House of Cards. Happy hunting!
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