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The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
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RE: The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
+1 OKC Chinese girl who was born in Shanghai, and came to America aged 5. Face wise a 5, body wise 6.5. 2nd meet bang

We spoke on the phone before we ever met, and she said she really wanted to meet because I made her laugh. I wanted her to meet at my place, but she felt I was being a bit too forward so for the 1st meet we went for a drink (on a Friday) and at the end I kissed her for about 5 seconds, she said she too shy to kiss in public.

For the next couple of days she kept on texting that she really wants to meet again, and where I’m taking her out for dinner. I said I’ll think of a place. Then I told her to come to my place, and I’ll take her somewhere.

2nd meet, she comes straight to my apartment (the next Friday). She walks in, takes her shoes off, give me a big hug and kisses me on the neck, like she was really happy to see me.

We make out for a bit, and she asks me, “So where are we gonna eat?” I say, “let’s do this first”…we carry on making out, and we go to the bedroom.

We start fooling around and I have her straddling me, with her tights on. I get her 34C tits out (she was shocked when I correctly estimated the measurements. She found it funny when I explained that the reason I guessed correctly was because I am a “connoisseur”), and gets really horny when I lick them.

Her: ”We’re not gonna go out to eat, are we? You were never gonna take me out to eat were you?”
Me: “Of course not, why do you think I told you come to my place?!”

I start licking her on her neck under her ear and she get’s really horny. I tell her I want to go inside her, she says she can’t, it’s her period and it will get messy. I told her it’s OK and that I’ll cover my bed with a towel.

I bang her wrapped up and it’s a bit of a turn because she says she’s in pain because of my size, but she likes the way it feels.

Post bang, she then says she want to have kids with an Indian guy, and with an Indian surname. This sets off red flags in my head...

Me: “I can’t ever be with you long term, you seem nice, but I’ll be honest with you, if I ever got into a serious relationship I guarantee that I will cheat on you”.
Her: “So you’re like that…you seem like you’ve been with lot of types of women, I bet you’ve been with women from all over the world? Haven’t you? I bet it’s your dream to sleep with women from everywhere”
Me: “Of course, I’m a man. I want as many women as possible. I call it getting a flag, when I sleep with a foreign woman. I’m trying to go around the world, but I keep on getting stuck in China!”

I then bang her again.

At the end of the evening, she says, “so are you gonna take me out to eat next time we meet?”… I say “Maybe…”
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