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The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
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RE: The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
+7 2015

41yo half Filipino/white MILF (actually GILF lol). I originally met her on OKC back in Nov. and we got as far as my bed, I ate her pussy but just couldn't get past her LMR. We're both really into photography and I had setup a second date for us to go take photos and she cancelled due to a "death in the family". I could never get her out again in spite of multiple restart texts. I figured she was dead in the water.

Fast forward to earlier this week. I've been on a little bit of a roll and decided to try my luck and send her a restart text of sending her a photo that I took with my new camera. The bait worked and we began texting back and forth. I teased her about disappearing and she teased back "why don't you try asking me out again?" which I did and we set a date to meet at a restaurant/bar last night.

When she arrived she looked great and I greeted her with a warm hug and found a table in the bar where I was able to at a 45 degree angle to her so I could easily touch her. She's an amazing artist who does painting, drawing and photography so I had her show me photos of her work on her phone, while I would touch her arms, hands, and legs while complimenting on how talented she was.

We sat and talked for two hours and during that time I would casually bring up my new photo portfolio back home and wanting her to see my new camera. The first two times the bait seemed to not hook. Finally when we were done with drinks and the fries that we shared (I know, apps! Oh the humanity Angel) I took care of the bill and I said, come on let's go I'm making you a drink and you have to see my photos. She agreed without any resistance and she followed me back to my place ten minutes away.

Once back at my place I put on Pandora (Maroon 5 channel every time. All women seem to like it and it's generic enough to not compete for their attention with me) and made her a boxcar drink (she had two at the restaurant). I let her play with my new camera while I made drinks and we then sat down on my love seat where I handed her my ipad to look at photos.

About 10 minutes into looking at photos I do my signature move of gently taking my hand and turning her chin to me where I give her a kiss. She briefly pauses and says "I'm getting over a cold, you'll get sick". "Pfft, I don't care it's fine" and I softly kissed her again. Things escalated into a gentle but brief makeout and then she pulled away and looked at a few more photos. I resumed talking like nothing had happened and about 5 minutes later I resumed the makeout, this time moving to her neck, upper chest and collarbone. She began moaning and her body tensing up. She pulled away again and said "my throat is dry, can I get some water?" I took her by the hand and led her to the kitchen and got her some water.

After a couple of minutes of idle chit chat I then went back to the making out while we're standing in the kitchen. I started to lead her to my bedroom and she did the standard, stick out her butt while stretching both arms out in front of her while holding my hand move that girls always do when resisting. "No, I'm not ready for that..." "Ok, no problem, come here" More making out. Then while we're standing near the bar area of my kitchen I slide my hand down the back of her pants and sure enough, she's soaking wet and I begin to finger her pussy from behind. She's starting to really scream and get into it. I unbutton my pants and pull my cock out and she begins jerking me off. I push her pants down and try to turn her around so she's against my bar but she pushes me away again saying she wants to "take things slowly" Dodgy

I tell her to just bend over and I want to eat her pussy which she happily obliges to. For some reason eating a woman out from behind drives me absolutely wild. After a few minutes of that I tell her to lay down on the floor and I resume eating her while she's on her back. Through this I would make attempts to fuck her but each time she would physically push me away so I would step back.

This back and forth went on for about 20 minutes and finally she said "I'm a grandma, I don't want to get pregnant again" (I almost laughed because she seriously looks about 30) and I said "should I get a condom?" which she never really answered. I then said "I think a condom is smart, you know just for the rubbing" (Thank you Roosh!!) and I pulled the condom out of my jeans pocket on the floor next to me. (Side note: ALWAYS keep a condom in your pants pocket if you're going on a date. Even if you know you're coming back to your place, have it anyway so it's always in arm's reach!) I put the condom on and rubbed the head of my cock on her pussy and slid it in. And that's all she wrote....

I'm particularly proud of this notch because 1. She's a really cool person that I can see having her as a regular and she's not annoying to hang out with. 2. She was a total dead lead that I brought back from the dead. And 3. I was able to push through lots of LMR and overcome her objections.
03-06-2015 10:58 AM
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