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The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
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RE: The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
+1 21 year old blondie with blue eyes from Tinder, Giver Her a 7, if she was super toned, man she'd be a 7.75.

Shes definitely one of the cuter ones I've banged recently.

GREAT tits, say medium sized C's perky, and a nice ass.

She was hard to message over tinder, aka slow to respond. Got her number last week after 3 days.

We texted over this week I found a few things out about her.

-She moved from a major mid-west city about a year ago.
-She lost her license 2 years ago.
-She moved to a beach city then moved to my town.
-She doesn't have a car and hasn't gotten her license again.
-She's about a 7 minute drive from my house.

Almost, but not exactly a deal breaker, so I managed.


I decided I'd come swoop her up and show her to a bar.

Hit the gym, grub, shower, roll up to her apartment that she shares with her brother.

She comes out, she's wearing a low cut flowy top, man those tits looked great in them, we shoot a little shit while getting to the bar, talks about her living situation, her dog, and I get a little refresher course in what she's about.

Venue 1:
We get to the this rock and roll divebar, she mentions how she's not really a club kind of girl, we bullshit about our jobs, what we want to do, travel, etc.

She also tells me how she's really relaxed around me, usually she isn't like that with a person.

She talks about how she and women get paid less. I laugh and disagree and giver her an example where girls got paid more or as equal. I swear the whole wage gap is a joke.

Talks about how she carpools with some old dude who has super young 20's girlfriend and how the dude wants to fuck her.

I laugh and say "shit I hope I'm an old dirty man as well, chicks dig that !" she cracks a smile then starts laughing.

The local band starts playing, so I walk up to pay the tab, I noticed she finishes her drink and walks up to me and pulls out her wallet.

She wanted to pay for her drink but I had already had closed out, I told her to get the next round and I smell weed.

She laughs and I ask her if she smokes, she gets a bit shy but admits, as we walk out she admits she's a total pothead, which is fine in my book.

We get into talks about harder drugs and our experiences with them (shit like blow and mdma).

Venue 2:
We get to the next bar, one of the waitresses says hi to me as we sit down (she's an old flirt, damn she's getting thick).

My date admits she's dead broke, and can't buy the next round, which in all honesty didn't surprise me, I played it cool. I teased by telling her I take payment in back rubs, lap dances, and love notes.

She promises me she'll take me out next time we hangout.

I do my standard personality read test and call her out, predictably I was pretty dead on. She was surprised and giggly about it.

I start talking how the genders are reversing and how bad things are and she agrees with me.

The bar manager walks up to me to say hi, she usually sees me in here with a new girl. We get another drink and a shot of fireball. We talk about music then I transition it to movies we've watched.

I talk about how I haven't seen the interview in a long time, she mentions how she's seen it and loves Seth Rogan.

I slam my hand on the table and say "fuck it ! tell you what, I've got free beers at my house, and we can sober up watching The Interview"

I didn't see any hesitation so I close out my tab, and I drive us home.

The Bang:

We lay on my bed, without hesitation she lays next to me with her arm wrapped around me, I start quoting the movie and she laughs.

Within 10 minutes I go in for the kiss and we make out for a bit, I'm testing the waters, I pull away after a bit.

We keep watching the movie, she takes her earrings off, we finish our first round of beers.

I show her my AR-15 break it down for her and explain how I built it, showed her some ammo also.

I start making out with her again, she seems....inexperienced. I kissing her neck and ears, we're biting each others lips, biology is kicking in.

I pull her top/bra down to see some nice pink nipps, I start grabbing and sucking on both of them. She's loving it so I get off of her and roll to my side and unhook her bra and we keep going a bit.

She stops, and says, "I need to go to the bathroom". (I noticed when I took a piss there was a tampon wrapper that was new).

I knew we were about to fuck. She comes back, makeout again, then I roll her on top of me.

As I take her top off, she says "Wait!" I look at her and she says, "I know I don't have the greatest body okay", I mumble something I forget what but I start grabbing her tits and we start making out again.

I get on top of her, makeout a bit, then unbutton her pants, she stops me and says "hey I don't see any of your clothes off!" I laugh and say "well let's both get rid of them then !"

She's not wearing underwear but didn't shave either. We get naked and lay next to eachother finally I get on top of her, man she's still dry.

I lost the condom from the freak out girl the other night. So this was a rawdog.

I throw some spit on her pussy and my dick and DAMN this bitch is TIGHT !

I start off slow, her thighs are shuddering, I had a feeling she hadn't had sex in awhile. My dick was just rock hard from her being tight, after a bit I knew I was gonna cum, but pulled out, and played it like I had to take piss.

I come back and we start making out again and I tell her to help me out to get hard again and get on her knees.....she doesn't know why I want her on her knees Laugh

I tell her to suck my dick....this bitch claims she's NEVER SUCKED A DICK IN HER LIFE.

Lolwtf Ohshit

I literally LOL'ed and said "bullshit ! seriously !?" She denies she's ever had.

So I play it cool and say, "Well we're going to change that, I'll guide and help you with this"

She agrees, I tell her to start jacking me off, she can suck the tip for now while she strokes, DON'T USE TEETH.

She's scared I'm going to bust in her mouth, but I reassure I won't. She wasn't half bad, I gave her tips on how to use her tongue.

She looks up at me and says "this is alot of multitasking lol !"


At this point I'm hard again and laughing, I tell her to bend over off the bed, as I put my dick in her, she can't stop shuddering again.

Bang her out doggy style, I lose my boner, but she can't even stand so she lays on the floor with her back against the bed.

Always a good sign if a girl can't move after sex.

I wash up, we lay back down and watch the movie again, we bullshit around again, I tell her I'm shocked she's never given head.

I also ask her when was the last time she had sex, she claims she hasn't had sex since she got to California.

Part of me believes her since she her pussy was super damn tight and she claims to of not given head. But I'm not fucking stupid, the girl is on Tinder duh !

[Image: IgigNYK.gif]

I tell her we should bang again, she's actually surprised that I can, and feels bad if I don't cum from her. She jacks me off I get hard, we bang doggy style and I pull out before I cum, she can't move again.

This girls ass is just begging to get slapped constantly, it's awesome !

Wash up, lay down for a bit, get dressed, I convince her that she needs to take Plan B just as insurance and to be safe.

I told her I would've had condoms but I didn't expect this to happen and it just escalated (comfort). She agreed but asked "so you didn't think you were going to have sex tonight ?"

I said, "I don't have any expectations, you already know I just don't give a fuck, and just go with the flow". She said "you're right".

We go to the pharmacy, grab the Plan B and a box of condoms. She laughs about the condoms, she's definitely into me, so I'll be keeping her as a plate.

I drop her off and get 4 hours of sleep before work.

One of my better bangs this year, I caught her before and if she gets into a slut phase on tinder.

Always a plus, and she was really cool to be around with. The upside is she doesn't drive so I won't be shitting where I eat when I bring my main around town. She also seems more of a homebody as well.

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