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The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
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RE: The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
Well, I finally got laid here in Toronto after being on a severe Dry Spell for a Month... [email protected]#$ that! I've had two notches in January though.

On Feb 27th, I matched with this Asian chick on Tinder. She's very attractive, sexy and exotic on my books, 5" tall and 25 years old. She is a 6-7 but her personality makes it up.

1 - Tinder:
Exchanged a few messages on Tinder and everything got escalated fairly quick and off we go to Whatsapp... Big Grin

2 - Whatsapp
Exchanged more messages, made a few jokes and everything was just going smooth.

Popped the famous question: "Do you want to hang out?" (So I could isolate the possibility of this being just another Ego-boost friendship)

She replied "Yes, you are cute and you seem like fun"

And there I was asking if she had any plans for the weekend. *I really wanted to seal the deal on Saturday(Feb 28th) so I could make it up for the whole Dry spell thing.*
She promptly replied she had to go to the Salon to get highlights done (She sent some pictures afterwards) and also got invited to go to a Club on Saturday.. She also had to work on Sunday so she was fully booked.

**End of conversation on my part - Radio silence for the weekend + Monday**

Tuesday, March 3th.
Asked how she was doing through text message.
She replied back saying she got sick/lost her voice and she didn't go to the club on Saturday.
We texted each other and I got busy at work.
*Nothing was accomplished here*

Wednesday, March 4th
Asked if she was feeling better.
She said she was felling way better.
Sent her an audio message on Whatsapp.
She replied with an Audio message as well...

I decided to call her right away because I knew she was available at that moment otherwise she would not have replied.

4-Phone Call Escalation
I called her just before going to work. I still had one hour or so to hang around and do nothing at my place.

We heard each other voices and everything started to flow way better than exchanging messages through Whatsapp... The conversation was longer than I expected (40min), we talked about a lot of things and we agreed to meet up somewhere on Saturday @ 2PM. Told her to dress cute and wear heels.

The first date:
I got to the venue and she sent me a SMS message saying she was running a bit late. She got there, dressed to impress and on heels, we hugged each other, whispered on her ears she was looking stunning and I kissed her cheek.

She said, you gonna make me Blush like that...

The hostess was ready to get us a table around the dine in area (booth) and I firmly asked for table in the lounge area. I wanted those tables where I could sit beside/closer to her, my game works better this way... We order some drinks and the conversation starts to flow nicely. Exchanged a few personal information and she asked if I've ever met someone through Tinder and I lied "Yes, only once and I'm fairly new to this" LMAO. Explained how it didn't go well as there was no chemestry. She went through hers as well (2 times, as she stated) and then out of nowhere we were talking about sex... I played "The Strawberry Game" (RooshV Game book) and she obviously sensed it was a sexual related analogy. Mind you, I'm not interviewing her nor being serious... I'm always playing with the way I make the questions, let her imagination travel a bit, smile at her... She had fun answering to the questions and I was just smiling at her while grabbing her leg. LOL
I never had to explain the analogy...

After a conversation about handcuff and sex swing hanging, I told her I have a pool table and as well as sex swing hanging at my place... She got hooked, asked me "really? I never tried one of those!"

I looked deeply in her eyes and I told her the following while pulling her chair next to mine:
"Do you know what?! You are trouble and you make me so fucking horny. Do you think you would survive me?
She replied: I don't know...
I said: Let's go to my place and find out...
She said: I'm down! Banana
I said: Awesome! Besides, I can also make us better drinks at my place! (I got what I wanted, no need to escalate it with another sexual content).

She agreed and went to the bathroom.

We left the place and off we go to my pad.

Sealing the deal:
As I get to my place I turn on the stereo and get some tequila shots.. She said she has never seen "Don Julio" and I told her I got that bottle when I was visiting Colombia. Show her around my place and finally brought her to the basement where the Pool table and Sex Swing is... Told her to close her eyes and we went downstairs where I told her to open her eyes.. She saw the Pool table but no Sex swing. LOL. I told her I haven't bought it yet but she will the first one to know when I get it.

Still in the basement, I'm teasing her to go for a kiss while I walk forward and pushing her towards the pool table... Then I grabbed her legs and lifted/pulled her and she crosses her legs around my waist and I slowly put her down on the Pool table... We kiss and everything started to get hot right there...

We went to my bedroom where we started to get undressed (while kissing, rubbing, all the goodies). I get a condom ready to go and she started to blow me while I was eating her.. (69)..

I'm now Rubber'ed and ready to roll... Condom just sucks and got dry. I don't have lubricants on me. Pulled the condom and then she said she don't want to fuck without a condom (she's not taking birth control pills). I quickly switch her mind set and concerns by massaging her back.
"Turn around and relax. Let me massage your back..."

So here I'm, hard, on top of her, giving a nice massage while rubbing my dick on her poooosh. LOL

She surrendered and said: You know what?! Fuck it, just put that fucking cock inside me... (5PM)

Shit son! We were both having a cardio session while enjoying each other for the next 6 hours...

It was 11PM and I asked her if she was staying over until next morning. She said she wanted to but needed to let her mother know. She got the green light and then I cooked us a quick meal as we were both starving... I juiced us a Pineapple juice as well to enhance the sweetness of my semen...

Well, we started everything over again around midnight until 2PM.. (This must be a pre warm up for Bogota next week!!)

Woke up next morning around 8 and we had a morning conversation and suddenly my dick was inside her. We had sex for the next 3 hours and Mr. ONE A DAY was sore as fak!! hahahaaha

Dropped her off at her place as she had work on Sunday.

That's it.

just kidding... Big Grin

We have seen each other again on Tuesday and this chick will possibly be my 'Fuck Buddy' and so will I be hers (at least until the end of next week)

03-13-2015 06:46 PM
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