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The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
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RE: The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)

8, 23 y/o, dark brunette, dat ass

God damn, I surprised myself. This is gonna be long.

Matched with the girl on Tinder a week ago.

Banter back and forth, get number. Shoot her a text on Wednesday, 3 texts in I suggest drinking wine and talking shit at my place. She agrees.

Today, day of, I suggest meeting up on campus and walking to my place 10 minutes off-campus. I'm a nervous wreck before meeting her - she's the hottest girl I've had on the hook. I contemplate shooting her a text saying stuff came up.

Remember reading somewhere on here that just showing up is like 90% of the battle won. I stay put.

She shows up, quick hug and we're off. She's very calm and I'm not letting any nervousness show.

At my place I tell her to pour us some wine while I fix the music. Sit down in chairs across each other. Immediate kino.

Vibe for 2 hours, kino and teasing. She's playing with her hair and keep wiggling/squirming her feet in a certain way (never noticed other chicks do this before). Still, I find her calm demeanor slightly challenging to read.

When in doubt, caveman.

I go sit on the floor by my bed. Tell her to come and lay my arm around her as I read her palms. She's still calm and coy and I've had enough. Take her chin in my hand and guide her mouth to mine.

Make out. Light LMR. Break off, play the guitar for a while. Make out. Move to bed. Light LMR. Fill her glass of wine, talk bullshit.

Make out and finally she's ready.

Bang. She's on the pill. I rawdog and nut inside her (fucking stupid man but damn dat feel). Not the best bang I've ever put down I admit, but she's very wet and I feel her legs quivering at certain points.

She stays for another 3 hours and we just cuddle and talk. She tries to convince me I'm the only guy she's met off of Tinder.


I just laugh at her and lightly call her on that bullshit.

I say she can sleep over or leave, doesn't matter to me because I'm dead tired after a long week. She leaves.

We part ways, she goes:

"Thanks for a very enjoyable night."
"No problem. Listen, I had a great time with you *girl's name*."
"Me too."
"Would you like to meet again?"
"Yes, we can do that."

She goes for the hug, but I give her a quick kiss at the end of it.

Now, I of course want repeat business. I think I'll follow BlurredSevens suggestion and contact her after roughly a week, or let her contact me. Last girl I initiated contacted with after the bang ended up with buyer's remorse. She also left/"forgot" her lipbalm at my place. We'll see.

The reason I'm proud of this bang is that it was a really good lesson in grabbing your balls and trusting yourself, even when you're so nervous you want to throw up. I'm still inexperienced but it feels like, bit for bit, things are taking off game-wise for me right now.

And it's all thanks to actually applying the stuff you guys share on this forum. So thank you!
03-13-2015 06:52 PM
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