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The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
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RE: The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
Lost my virginity, but in all honesty i'm not all that happy. It just feels like something I should of done a while ago, i'm cool with it though.

Sex is no where near the deal I made it out to be and same with women. When I stuck my dick in her it wasn't this crazy awesome experience it was just sort of something fun to do. That's what sex seemed like to me, something fun to do. Same with kissing a girl and getting intimate with one, it wasn't this crazy fucking thing it was just a fun thing to do for a couple hours.

I did what BANG suggested as far as escalation and leading her to your room. There was no hesitation I simply let my animal desires take over, she didn't give me any resistance which I am kinda sad about and she didn't really know how to give a blowjob. She used her teeth occasionally and refused to slobber. I got her to let me cum in her mouth which was something she said she never done before.

The big thing I noticed is that I seem to be really show my dominate side in the bedroom. I simply had my way with her and did whatever I wanted to, it all felt natural to be honest. I just read her face and if she started to moan heavier I'd know I was doing something right. She complimented on my skills and that I knew how to use my fingers and tongue, which was a nice ego boost but I just did whatever I wanted.

The worst part of the sex was actual penetration, I found the hole pretty easily but I couldn't really get in a position where I felt I was fucking her. I wasn't too big but I just couldn't figure out the rhythm. Is sex always like this? I'd rather use my hand it's more pleasurable...lol

I needed lube though, the lubricated condom and spit wasn't enough. My dick is really sore from no lubrication. As I was fingering her she started to bleed a little, I noticed some blood on my hand. Is that period?

I definitely don't view girls as the be all end all anymore. I'm focusing on my profession and will dabble a bit in women but I won't make them the only aspect of my life like I was.

After the first fuck I made supper (for myself but she had some) and then we fucked again before she left. She paid for both taxis to and from my house and before she left she said

thanks for the great fuck.

Considering where my life is going right now (Profession, losing virginity, becoming much more disciplined and stronger) I definitely feel I am destined for greatness.

+fucking 1.
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