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The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
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RE: The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
This weekend was crazy. It began with an unexpected bang, and it ended with one of, if not the most epic notches I’ve ever added to my belt.

Notch 1

This weekend I acquired a notch that I was extremely surprised about. Upon reflection however, I think myself and probably others can attest to the fact that many of our bangs are completely unexpected - sometimes we think the notch is in the bag, that they’ll be no LMR, and other times the chick just doesn’t seem into it, her body language is closed, eyes wandering, you get the picture.

Well this weekend, all social cues were telling me this girl was disinterested, even trying to get away from me. I was proven wrong.

Let’s break it down:

Went to my fraternity’s house at around 10PM. Instead of a house party which I thought was supposed to be going down, it was more of a small gathering with the all the same girls who are there all the time (our groupies who have been passed around and around). I’m into new girls , and not surprisingly, I have a pretty terrible reputation among the girls who regularly come around and know me. Once a girl find out my full name, there’s a solid chance I don’t hear from her again. I still get tinder matches where the only message I receive from the girl is, “You fucked my friend in the ass,” or, “You had sex with my 2 best friends.”

This is entirely my fault because I practiced absolutely no damage-control throughout my college career, and now as I am experiencing my last few months in school, I am paying the price. Although truthfully it’s not too bad - I just have to target girls outside of my social circle as well as my friend’s circles. My school is thankfully big enough to do just that.

So I leave the house and start walking back toward my place. Ha just kidding, I head straight toward the freshman dorms, of course. On my way there, I bump into 2 black guys I play pickup ball with at the gym. Naturally, we start talking about pussy and I tell them to come ‘troll’ campus with me. They eagerly ask me wtf I'm talking about, and I explain to them how easy it is to pickup solo freshman walking back to their dorms. I tell them, “You put in the approaches, someone will bite. This is the easiest way to get pussy that I know of.”

So I start jogging around and opening solo girls, sometimes a group so I can see what these dudes are all about. They are entertained as hell and are loving watching me ‘Yad-Stop’ girls at 2 in the morning, but they’re being pussies. They only opened maybe 1 or 2 sets, so with the lack of motivation they’re providing me, I tell them I’m tired and hungry so I’m gonna go grab some chinese food around the block.

I scoop my food and start heading back. I purposely take a small detour and walk back through freshman campus on the way to my place.Walking toward me I spot a tall sexy blond girl, and from what I can see, it looks like her body is stacked. I immediately notice she’s rocking Air Jordans, and tell her I love her jays. I ask her if she’s a baller and/or sneaker head, and start teasing her about her imaginary massive Air-Jordan collection.

I ask her about her night and we keep chatting, but soon I feel the conversation is about to go stale. I quickly raise my energy again and tell her we gotta continue the party, some people are drinking and smoking back at my place (not true) and that she should come.

She looks around and then tells me she has to drop her bag off and then maybe she’ll come by. She was carrying a small handbag, so I immediately assume this girl just isn’t down. Why in the world would you need to go home to drop off your tiny bag when we’re just a block from my place? Anyway, I tell her alright, let me grab your number. I text her my name so she has it and head back to my place to eat.

5 minutes later, I receive a text. “What’re you up to?” It’s her.
Me: Having a drink right now…wanna come through
Her: Yeah I’ll come. You gotta sign me in though.
Me: Cool let me know when you’re heading over
…30 seconds later
Her: I’m leaving now
…5 minutes later
Her: I’m here

Boom. The rest was insanely easy, just offered her a cup of water, asked her some boring general questions, told her I’ve never kissed a girl from Rhode Island and the clothes soon came off.

She was a good fuck, and her ass was fantastic.

Notch 2

This one took some legit finesse, and balls. Here we go:

This past Saturday, I hit up one of my favorite venues in Boston. It’s a hotel/lounge and is generally full of attractive 25-30 year old girls. I think the nightlife sucks in Boston (I’m sure others here might agree), however this venue is the of the few places where I find the talent to be consistent and very receptive. It’s not always crowded on the weekends (although sometimes they have big events there) but I’m always able to find some hotties who are there without guys, and looking to get hit on.

So I roll through with one of my close friends whose a few years older than me, and some of his boys from work. As I introduce myself to his friend, he tells me he’s heard lots of my crazy stories, has just gotten into game and is eager to watch me go to work.

Looks like I’m in the spotlight now and can’t disappoint. Luckily I’m feeling good and I’m rocking a custom new Maroon blazer - definitely standing out. Think the style-gurus here on rvf would be impressed, and since I’ve started rocking the blazer I’ve consistently had girls approach me and compliment me on the color. I even have my name stitched into the inside of the coat, which I admit probably makes me a douche.Blush

I peer over my shoulder and spot a tiny dark-haired cutie with a tight little body and short purple dress. Immediately I think, ‘this chick looks slutty. She’s got a very sexual look going on.’ She’s standing there with 2 glasses of wine in her hand, and for some reason I’m just convinced she wants to get fucked.

I walk over and tease her about double-fisting 2 glasses of wine, asking her if she’s aiming for a crazy night. Or did she notice me and take the initiative to buy me a drink? She immediately giggles and hooks, and I know it’s on. Our eyes are locked and she quickly allows the rest of the room to fade out, focusing solely on our interaction. Within a minute I test resting my hand on her lower back, and when she doesn’t react, I move it there permanently.

Eventually her friend comes over to grab the 2nd drink, and luckily my boy swoops right in to chat her up. I think in my mind, ’this girl wants to smash, now it’s time to lead.’ The more you lead, the more you prepare her to be lead back to your place at the end of the night.

I tell her I want to flirt over there and bring her about 10 feet away where we lean against a rail overlooking the lobby below. I now have gotten her isolated from her friend, and the heavy flirting and touching continues. I’m holding her hair, bringing her body closer to mine and basically asserting myself as a confident and dominant guy who is prepared to fuck her, right here and now.

A few minutes go by and we start making out. She’s getting really into it so I pull away. I tell her I can’t believe we’re doing this here, it’s inappropriate. If any Bostonians know the spot I’m talking about, it’s not a ratchet place (or club) where people are constantly hooking up. This lounge is rather nice (and dressing well is crucial) so I don't often see people making out. She agrees and tells me she can’t believe we’re already kissing but that she likes it.

A switch flips in my mind, and I realize if I play my cards right I can pull something unbelievable here. I can, and decide that I will, fuck her right here in this hotel. And fuck no, I don’t mean I’m going to pay for a room. This girl is accepting every advance so far, and following all of my sexual cues. My gut feeling is telling me that she would actually prefer to fuck somewhere where we might get caught rather than at my place.

So I ask her if she’s adventurous. She says yes. I ask her if she’s the boring type who likes to just fuck in missionary, and she tells me hell no, she hates that. Hmm ok. I tell her 'let’s see how adventurous you really are, I wanna go checkout some other floors of the hotel."

Now there are 2 sets of elevators at this hotel. One set leads up to all the individual hotel rooms, while the other elevators lead up to a restaurant (I think?) as well as a bunch of conference rooms.

I head toward the 2nd set of of elevators and press the button. She is holding my hand and still fully compliant in every move I’m making. She asks me where we’re going and I just tell her I wanna checkout the hotel, and maybe also kiss her too, just not in front of everyone standing by the bar.

There’s another guy waiting for the elevator, and thank god he was. Once inside, the elevator requires a card to be inserted before you’re able to choose which floor your’re going to. I pretend to slowly fumble around in my pocket, but he quickly pulls out his card and inserts it, before pressing 3. I have no idea what’s on floor 4 and 5, but I think fuck it and just press 5. As soon as he gets off on the 3rd floor, she grabs my neck and starts making out with me again.

We get off on the 5th floor and I notice a spiral staircase leading up another flight. I tell her come here, let’s head up. She asks me if we’re going to get in trouble and I respond ‘probably.’ When we reach the top of the stairs I get really excited, like a little kid entering a candy shop (although of course I contain my eagerness and act normal). Lo and behold, ahead of us are several conference rooms with big wooden doors. I look around and see no cameras. It looks as if I’ve just hit the fucking jackpot - not only will security likely not find and ban me from the hotel, but this is literally the PERFECT place to bang this girl. Amazed

I lead, lead, lead, ran some of the best and most confident/sexual game I’ve run in a long time, and I was pretty damn sure that I was about to be rewarded.

I pull her into conference room closest to us and slam the door shut. She jumps on me and we start making out intensely. I pull up her dress and guess what? The slut is wearing no panties! She even has a tramp stamp!!! Everything I had perceived about this girl initially was correct. Even though she’s cute tiny and unassuming, she’s a wild filthy little whore. And I’m the perfect guy to make her fantasy come true (if you can call being fucked in a hotel conference room a fantasy).

I start fingering her and telling her we might get caught doing this, we’re doing some really crazy shit. She moans harder and tells me to feel how wet she is for me, and to finger her harder. Yep, she’s soaking and I stick 2 fingers in her as I start undoing my belt. She helps me the with the rest and starts furiously jerking me off while telling me how good it feels.

Luckily I have 2 condoms in my wallet. I pull one out and all of a sudden she says “We need to stop, we can’t just fuck here. This is not right, I just met you.” - Token ‘fake resistance’ because I still know what’s going to happen. I’m prepared for this and pull back to begin soothing her emotions. I tell her that she’s totally right, this shit is wild and outta character, probably for both of us. I start pulling up my pants and kiss her comfortingly. I tell her, ‘lets just fool around but we don’t needa have sex. I don’t want to do anything you’re uncomfortable with.’

A few seconds later and we’re going at it again, this time she’s gripping my dick even harder and finally commands me to put the condom on and just fuck her already. I tell her to bend over the table. I grab her hair, quickly equip a condom and start railing her from behind. She’s squealing with glee and telling me to fuck her harder. I continue for a few minutes while reminding her how naughty she is.

Meanwhile, I’m looking around taking in everything I see. The big wooden table, all the chairs, the table cloth, exposed brick walls, thinking…damn, I’m ravishing this sexy little girl in a conference room of a hotel that we aren’t even guests at. Course I’m still spanking her and pulling her hair, but I keep thinking back to just a few years ago when I was in high-school and was literally too scared to make a move and kiss girls who outright would tell me they had a crushes on me. Funny to think about the difference.

Eventually I need to rest for a sec. I slip on my 2nd and last condom that I have and lay her on her back while I proceed to fuck her in standing missionary.

I start banging her harder and harder until I hear the table start making noises like it's about to break. I decide it's time to get the hell outta there before I do something really stupid and break the table. I pull up my pants and have her wipe the mascara off my face. On the elevator back down, she thanks me. I tell her no problem and we agree to part ways without exchanging numbers.

^ left the used rubbers there hoping something funny would occur the following morning (imagined a group of businessmen walking in on that, hopefully it wasn't just the cleaning staffUndecided)

…Btw, this marks my 98th life-time notch. I will hopefully report back soon with an epic tale of my entry into the triple digits...
04-07-2015 10:19 PM
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