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The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
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RE: The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)

(#21 for 2015)

From meet to "slap my face harder" in about 90 minutes.

Starting on Tinder
Me: "Hey I like your long hair"
Her: "Thanks, I like your eyes"
Me: "Do you drink tequila?"
Her: "Umm yes! I love tequila"
Me: "Ok great, I'm going to make you a drink. what's your number?"


Text the next day to setup logistics.

I knew I was going to bang her because:

1. she didn't give me shit about coming over to my house.
2. she took an uber.

pro tip: girls that take an uber to your house are coming to get fucked. They take the uber because they are expecting to drink a lot, and girls don't drink a lot around guys they don't want to bang.

As soon as she walks in I think "oh shit, this girl is pretty sexy." She is taller than me, long hair, very pretty face. Impossibly tight stomach and wide hips. My favorite combo!

I can feel the sexual tension right off the bat. After I hug her she doesn't move away from me. I know I can go for the kiss right then and there....but I like to tease things out a bit. I have more fun fucking girls after we've flirted for awhile. Jumping right into it doesn't give me enough time to ramp up my animalistic side.


We talk travel for a bit. That is my favorite topic because some girls are well traveled and talking about their trips gets them excited.

I am slowly starting to escalate and she is totally compliant. At one point I kind of just think "fuck it" and I go in for the kiss.

She is GLUED to me from that point on. She didn't pull back from the kiss, and wouldn't let me pull back either. She starts grabbing my dick and taking my pants off, so I spin her around and start fucking her over my kitchen counter.

That is my new favorite move.

I bring her to the bedroom and am pulling her hair, she is moaning. I start slapping her ass, and she is telling me to go harder. I flip her on top of me and she says "slap my face."

I have never slapped a girl in the face before. It was kind of hot. She tells me to slap her face harder. I do, but I don't know if I'm into it. At this point shit is getting wild and we're fucking like animals. I start choking her and she's screaming in ecstasy.

When we're done she starts laughing her ass off out of joy, saying things like "you were incredible, that was so much fun" and "that was the hottest sex ever, I like you" blah blah blah.

Anyway, we go back to the kitchen and make another drink. I figured she was going to leave but she is chatting away, so I pour her another drink, and a few minutes later we're smashing again...


And since all you fuckers are posting pics these days, I'll play along:
[^^why is my pic sideways?]
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