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The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
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RE: The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)

#22 for 2015

This girl was a fucking riot. Total hot mess. I can't decide if I want to bang the shit out of her again or avoid her for the rest of my life.

This was our second meetup. The first was at my place for an hour last week for drinks and making out.

I roll into her place around 9pm, and she is doing lines of adderall off a mirror by herself.


I'm thinking "Alright, so it's going to be that kind of night." I like new experiences and I've never snorted adderall so I go for it. Definitely perked me up! This chick is going fucking NUTS though, running around her place, and talking non-stop.

I have never in my life met someone who talked as much as this chick. I was at her place from 9-1a.m., and other than the 15 minutes we banged, she was talking 99% of the time.

Most likely due to the adderall, at some point she insists on baking me some cookies:


They weren't that good but I appreciated the effort.

Anyway, this chick is very insecure and isn't letting me kiss her at all. I go for the kiss multiple times, and she is just running her mouth and acting mad awkward. This is weird considering we had already made out at my place the previous week.

Eventually, after we each crush 4-5 vodka drinks, adderall, and smoke a few bowls, I have her naked on her bed.

But she isn't letting me fuck her. She tells me "I want to suck your cock but I really like you so I'm not going to."


I am thinking "jesus christ, I'm out of here, I don't fucking need this crazy bitch on my dick." I put on all my clothes and tell her goodnight. As soon as I open her door and walk out she yells "don't go!"

What the fuck!

So I roll back in. She's still naked, so I figure what the hell, I'll see if I can't just do it for the notch.

I strip down again (she's still naked) and she tells me: "I actually can't really see myself dating you so we should fuck."

I really want to say something back to her but I bite my tongue, raw dog the hell out of her, and come inside her pussy.

Anyway, she is pretty hot and has great tits so I'm probably going to smash again. I have a feeling she will be a good fit for "come over at 2am when I'm drunk" role since she lives a few blocks from me.
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