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NoPorn / NoFap Google Group - For Those Who're Serious
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RE: NoPorn / NoFap Google Group - For Those Who're Serious
(09-08-2015 05:03 PM)hervens Wrote:  If I haven't banged a girl in a while, say a few weeks, the first time I have sex I'll have some difficulty getting, or maintaining a boner. However, the following times it becomes much easier.

I've been riding the no fap train for two and a half years now, and I've definitely noticed something similar. I always attributed it to nervous jitters though, as the first time is almost always the most stressful fuck. Once I'm past that and I KNOW the bang's going to happen, I seem to relax and have a much easier time getting and staying hard.

To add to this, I've ended dry spells by banging an ex or old fuck buddy where I was immediately hard and didn't have to "warm up," so to speak, which again I attribute more towards being comfortable with the girl/lack of stress than any particular biomechanical feedback loop. Not ruling it out though, it's definitely an interesting theory.

Quote:So, my theory on this is there is no need to ever masturbate whatsoever, and your body will simply naturally adapt itself to your sex habits.

While I'm a big fan of the primal living paradigm, and of letting your body naturally run itself, I can't recommend doing this. Raging libidos are like male hamsters: the hornier we get, the worse our decision making becomes, as we start rationalizing whatever choices we'd need to make to get laid. Personally, I'm generally at my most rational right after I bust a nut.

Quote:If I haven't fucked in a few weeks, I'll be sure to keep a viagra on me just in case... at least for the first time.

Agreed. Just having a pill on me lowers the performance anxiety a substantial amount, even if I end up not using it.

Quote:As this is a constant learning process for me as well, I'm wondering if I should incorporate a masturbation schedule for when I'm on a dry spell to avoid the above problem.

I generally masturbate once every 7-10 days, when the urge seems to be at its zenith and has become a real obstacle to getting shit done. And it also solves the issue I mentioned above, of getting thirsty and doing things you wouldn't normally do in order to get laid.

Quote:Also, considering I'm 24 years old and never had a wet dream in my whole life, I probably assume my libido is simply naturally a bit lower than the average of most guys ?

I'm about your age and have never had a wet dream either. My longest no-fap streak was 78 days, and while I feel like I made a full recovery I never once splooged the bed during that time. I'd be interested in hearing if other guys had similar results.

Quote:And to the new guys here just testing this stuff out, all I can say is stick to it, and try to adapt a zero tolerance policy. Fapping to porn once per week, or even once per month is never okay, a mistake I made in the past which extended my recovery by much longer.

Absolutely. If you do decide to jerk it from time to time, do it to thoughts of bangs past or that hot girl you saw at the grocery store. Abstain completely from anything even remotely close to porn. Porn is the real enemy here, not masturbation.
09-09-2015 09:37 PM
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