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NoPorn / NoFap Google Group - For Those Who're Serious
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RE: NoPorn / NoFap Google Group - For Those Who're Serious
(03-06-2016 08:26 PM)Distant Light Wrote:  I am on Day 5, I think I got this under wraps due to a major mindset shift following a path of surrender in life... (I wanna see this is probably how people feel when they surrender to a high power within religion)

That said, is it BAD that I have been watching party vids and overall looking at normal pictures of women i stumble across on social media?

While it motivates me to see the party vids I notice I end up searching for pool parties just to see the madness amongst women showing some skin...

I currently am in a complete overhaul of my life and so far I feel AMAZING. It is a subtle feeling whereas before I felt like a heroin addict just taking another hit and indulging in the high.

P.S...By day 3 i was having morning wood and internally I feel a high level of "potential" energy which I use to focus on other challenges and rituals I have gave myself due to now enjoying a life of NoFap. I plan on giving up NoFap 100% while eventually going back to viewing porn for research purposes only.

Good to hear, DL.

In my mind, looking at party pics for arousal is not a good practice, but also an indicator of progress. It means you are rewiring your brain back to the primitive sex drive that is inside us all.

At the other end of the rabbit hole, there are men who cannot get off to hardcore porn, always looking for that next extreme flick to get their dopamine bump. There are men who are in serious relationships, marriages included, who cannot get their dicks hard and orgasm for the woman they have pledged commitment, time, and money towards.

When you quit masturbating, your mind desires ANYTHING sexual. Based on my experience, this is a good thing. I notice many more girls in real life and feel a stronger sense of attraction towards them.

Players like us all have high sexual energy, but the key to success is how we translate that energy. Looking at pictures on the internet is not a good outlet for sexual energy. Instead, practice turning away from these webpages and appreciating women in real life. It takes time, but after a while the party pics will no longer be appealing.

Hope this helps and I hope to hear more about your mindset changes.

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03-06-2016 09:25 PM
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