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NoPorn / NoFap Google Group - For Those Who're Serious
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RE: NoPorn / NoFap Google Group - For Those Who're Serious
Around two weeks here now with a new round of nofap. This is typically when a relapse would have occurred in the past.

Basically every semi-fit chick I see I want to bang the shit out of now; like raw animal instinct kind of intensity. Saw a PICTURE in another thread of a thick Latina in a bikini that on its own got me a bit twitchy.

Good sign though: means that I'm responding to less aggressive stuff (like porn videos) very quickly and my brain is re-wiring quicker than last time. When I did this last time in the fall, it took a bit longer (I think 4 weeks) for non-porn pictures to really do anything.

Overall, getting pretty edgy at times when exposed to any kind of semi-fit female stimuli; especially in-person stimuli but will probably hit the flatline phase soon. Big thing is to avoid the porn: I really believe that is the main shit that fucks guys up; especially guys like myself in their late 20s/early 30s who grew up on unlimited video porn access and could indulge looking at a 100+ women getting fuck in one evening for years on end while having mega wank-a-thons all the time. I'm absolutely convinced that shit is bad for a man's libido and performance in the bedroom in the long-run. I think a quick non-porn wank the night before a first time bang is the only time where jerking it really makes sense; to avoid going into a bang with a loaded gun and busting in 2 minutes. But I'm going to avoid even that for the next few months to speed this entire process up.

Last round of nofap I went 45 days or so without porn and it definitely led to a reset back to my teenage years in what would get things going (pictures of women still in clothes) and that was while still banging a main plate.

But has anyone done nofap in the past while banging a chick, relapsed and gone hardcore in a future nofap cycle? (Like no banging chicks during a nofap cycle).

I don't know if their are any major benefits to avoiding banging chicks during a nofap cycle since the whole goal of nofap is get off properly with women/associate real women with sex and therefore, one should not be avoiding associating sexual release with actually fucking a chick. If anybody has any thoughts, I'd like to hear it though.
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