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NoPorn / NoFap Google Group - For Those Who're Serious
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RE: NoPorn / NoFap Google Group - For Those Who're Serious
(03-28-2016 12:39 PM)NovaVirtu Wrote:  
(03-28-2016 12:23 PM)Ibagemyoutagem Wrote:  I've moved out for the first time and rarely fapped due to a drive to get laid and try to do something with this energy, it didn't help that my roommate was a stripper. I relapsed because I made a move on my roommate and she said she'll take action if I don't move out ..... and so Im back at my parents home and I had this one week of no fap and the drive was so strong being in environment were I had to take care of myself to one of that everything is taken care for me . I hate it but im to broke to try to move out again and I feel like I can't harness this drive when I see my family everyday.

Has anyone successfully did no fap successfully but still lived with parents? I feel like I have a lower drive and a little less confidence since I don't have my own place.

Stripper roommate? That must've made for some stories, haha.

I'm currently in the same situation- living with the family to save $ while I get my bussiness up and running. Yes, it sucks, espcially if you're in the 'burbs and your parents aren't exactly the type that would be receptive to you brining different girls over all the time.

I would suggest you make giving up porn and masturbation part of a larger lifestyle change. I'm currently doing 30 Days of Discipline by Victor Pride, which includes no fap/porn as part of the program.

I think it's important to REPLACE fapping and porn with new habits, otherwise there is a void in your life and as we know, nature abhors a vaccum.

With 30DOP, you're not just giving up porn and jerking off, you're actively working toward or goal or some project at the same time. I've done 30DOP and no fap seperately but the difference was that after 30 days or a few months I always relapsed. So far I'm 17 days in and going strong.

Also consider reading Napoleon Hill's Think and Grow Rich, specifically the chapter on sex transmuation. Think of your loads like life-force or "manna" if your into that D&D stuff. If you're constantly draining your balls, you're wasting your life force (having sex by contrast, has the opposite effect- up to a certain point). Direct that energy toward a goal (like moving back to an enviroment where sexual options are plentiful).

Hope this helps.

I did read Napoleon hill which is precisely why I stopped fapping instantly as soon as I moved out because I always used that energy to approach women and I was always doing something because taking care of myself was a full time job.

When I come home I feel like I have no option to bring girls home, I don't feel the same confidence that comes with living alone.

I understand that focus on goals but I feel like my drive both from my sexual flirty roommate and no fap caused me to do alot on my own that I now don't feel other wise to do .

Right now I'm looking for a job just to live, I have to move out again, I have to feel that hunger again .

So all the while my goals

1. Find a solid fun job just to pay bills
2. Find a decent single room apartment (never roommates ever again)

Any job suggestions?

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Adam says to God, "God, why did you make women so warm and cuddly?"
God says, "So that you will like them."
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03-29-2016 12:03 AM
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