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NoPorn / NoFap Google Group - For Those Who're Serious
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RE: NoPorn / NoFap Google Group - For Those Who're Serious
I have just ended my 30 days NoFap as I am back to work and can no longer have 1 new girl a day as I did in Manila. 7 days without sex, had me literally in pain. Its kind of pain in your balls which spreads to you legs.
Anyways I am still on day 51 NoPorn.
No porn does change things a lot, and I think it is more important then no fap. The arousal is so much stronger, when you don't watch porn. Sex is just more vivid.
Funny thing happened. I was joking with one Filipina about her sending me a picture of her wet pussy, and wanted to actually send her a picture of a wet kitten.


When I googled wet pussy (my mistake) it gave out a squirting girl photos. The reaction I had was crazy, like if I was struck by electricity. Visual stimulation is so much stronger comparing to how dull it was when I was watching porn on a daily basis.
I did find a picture of a wet kitten and keep using it as a funny thing to send girls and do some playful dirty talk without seeming like a pervert.
If a girl I meet online has a single picture of a cat or she is with cat. I definitely say something like, I like your pussy, and then act as if I did not mean it. It gets the conversation in the right direction.

Anyway I think I got distracted. Long story short. Just quit porn. That's the most important part. Fap not more often then once a week (using your imagination or photos that were sent to you), it will still keep you motivated and sexually active.
Another benefit from this is that it encourages you to make photos of girls. I did not do this before but now after sex I am trying to make a pic. Sometimes they agree and now I am building up a nice collection Smile
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