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NoPorn / NoFap Google Group - For Those Who're Serious
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RE: NoPorn / NoFap Google Group - For Those Who're Serious
Day 45. Hardcore mode (and I maintain hardcore status by a thread).

VERY promising experiment results.

So, I ended up face-fucking/getting a BJ from a chick. In the past, I haven't been able to bust a nut from doing that ever except for my first ever BJ back as a teenager. I've had chicks before, chicks with solid BJ abilities, try for 20+ minutes and almost breaking their jaws in the process to get me to nut. All have failed.

Anyhow, this chick didn't have great BJ skills (could have been a bad angle but whatever) so I started face-fucking her (never have nutted from that either) and within about 90 seconds, I came THIS close to busting an epic nut inside this chicks mouth. I also had a decent amount of alcohol in me too; enough to affect performance/erection capabilities significantly and I was STILL able pull the aforementioned off.

To be clear, I easily could have finished but couldn't due to environmental/other bullshit circumstances at the time. Kind of glad it worked out that way so I could maintain hardcore status for a bit longer though. Kind of.

However, this is a big fucking deal because its the first concrete example that NoFap hardcore mode is working; in that my sensitivity has increased significantly by virtue of the fact that I could get off from relatively weak friction (the chicks mouth) EVEN WHILE INTOXICATED. What will be interesting to see in the future is whenever I do get that first nut, how fast will I bounce back and to what degree. How well will the gun work when it's unloaded? Only time will tell but there is no going back now. I have had a taste of success and this will actually make avoiding porn and jerking easier now.

The real debate is how long do I continue hardcore more and avoid release from even a chick? Will a release slow down the "recovery" time table? Or will banging a chick assist with the "recovery" because I'm associating a release with actual banging? The whole point of NoFap is get your dopamine hit association fix from actual sex with real women; to re-wire your brain and unfuck the years of mental damage from wanking to porn. So, banging a chick should theoretically assist with that obviously, right? That all said, I lean towards the former because like any injury, you have to fully recover or you risk re-injury/slowing down recovery if you push things too early. But this is all a bit more complex than a bone fracture however.

Regardless of what may come, I feel like a Mad Scientist that has had his first major breakthrough.

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