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NoPorn / NoFap Google Group - For Those Who're Serious
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RE: NoPorn / NoFap Google Group - For Those Who're Serious
(04-26-2016 12:51 AM)Cruisen_Chubby Wrote:  
(04-25-2016 08:05 PM)Vinny Wrote:  
(04-25-2016 06:49 PM)Cruisen_Chubby Wrote:  Vinny, my man-- Thanks for the reply.

That sounds like a good "middle road" so to speak. Not full on monk but not spankin' it every hour on the hour either.

I've put porn away for a month before (so I know I can do it)-- but I just feel like regular sex will never get me to that "high" again... so the idea bores me.

Perhaps I should stop speculating and just do it.

Day 1.

Do it. I had the same thoughts when I was quitting.
That sex will not get me as high and that fapping without porn is impossible.
Porn is the key problem. After 6 weeks or so, all stimulation will be so much sharper and sex will be so much better that you will forget about porn.
The amount of time it takes to recover is different for everyone, for me personally once I had a first wet dream after 2 months of NoPorn and no more porn flashbacks I knew I completely recovered.
Have you seen TedX the great porn experiment? Google it if you haven't. Life changing for me.

Ok, you've inspired me. I'll make this happen and report back to group.

I have seen the video and it led me to further reading. Gary's website is loaded with information. I always take note and concur... but then... well... you know... Science goes out the window at that point.

No more excuses-- At this point I'm actually more excited for the journey than afraid of the ups and downs.

It's a self actualization thing at this point--- knowing I can be better, give more, etc.

PS-- Never had ED and can get off without porn just fine-- maybe if I did I'd feel as if it was hurting me more... but we all know the dip in productivity...

Glad to hear that!

I never had any problems with sex life either, I am in late 20s. Maybe I am lucky I've learned it early I an proactive way. I did not also consider myself a porn addict, when I had enough sex, I was not using porn that much.
Only after quitting for couple of months I can actually see I had a problem. And that this state I am in now is the norm.
I would not say I was passive before but now I am just more everything. More active, more sharp, learning new language and doing very well, motivated, training more, making huge plans and most of all popping out datasheets for the forum Big Grin
Where previously I would make an excuse not to do something due to lack of time or bad weather, now I don't fail to go out every time. And every time I have great time, and feel even better about myself Smile
Do let us know how it goes.
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