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NoPorn / NoFap Google Group - For Those Who're Serious
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RE: NoPorn / NoFap Google Group - For Those Who're Serious
Time has gone fast. Today I’m on my 120th day overcoming porn addiction, 16 days porn free and 5 days MO free.

Regarding nofap, here are my thoughts:

I started this challenge on 26/01/2016 because my orgasms were/are somewhat meh and my motivation to game girls was/is almost nonexistent. At first it was very difficult but I achieved 1 Month PMO free. On 30th day I had sex with 2 girls and the orgasms were intense. Days later I relapsed hard and binge watched a lot of porn. After this first streak I was only having 1 week and 15 days streaks without PMO. Some people who read this, will consider it a failure but in my case I consider the many relapses I had like an opportunity to learn about myself.

In these 120 days I’m slowly noticing the following changes:

- My sexual preferences are slowly changing (from professional produced porn with actresses in the 8 to 9 range to a more vanilla sexual preferences with cute girls in the 6 to 7.5 range)
- Girls who I didn’t consider fucking are registering in my radar (I’m finding myself checking out girls with petite bodies)
- My desire to flirt frequently with girls are slowly beginning to replace my need to watch porn
- When I don’t do MO, I wake up earlier in the morning with ease
- My brain fog has greatly diminished (There are some fogginess, but not like used to be)
- My drive to do things is improving
- My brain usually is finding efficient ways to harness my own sexual energy (I’m still working on this aspect)
- I’m rediscovering the pleasure of doing simple things as kissing a girl, eating a nice meal, spending quality time with my family and some girls, petting domestic birds, etc.
- And finally, the porn's grip is slowly losing control over my mind. (The risk is latent but I'm working on that)

Disadvantages of being on nofap:

• My girl’s standards lowers notoriously
• I risk going for the low hanging fruit (chubby girls, girls with faces in the 4.5 range, and women in the 30-40 yo range).
• My caveman side sometimes overrides my Brainiac side
• I feel a huge hunger for pussy and 69
• Blue balls

When I relapse it’s very hard to get back on the way, because I binge PMO like a drug addict.
My biggest trigger is my own laptop, but due to job issues I must use it because I need to log in on a corporate intranet which isn’t compatible on mobile devices. When I use my smartphone the relapse probabilities are very low.

I agree that relapsing is a pain in the ass, but in my case I see a relapse as an opportunity to learn from my mistakes.

Like another nofap sites have said in many times, replacing porn with another activities or productive hobbies is a must. I’m using my free time to learn Portuguese and it has been very beneficial for me. Reading specialized nofap sites and viewing Youtube videos of guys in the same challenge as us have helped me a lot.

In this moment I don’t consider myself fully healed from this addiction, but I do feel a burning desire to reset my brain to its masculine factory settings.
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