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NoPorn / NoFap Google Group - For Those Who're Serious
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RE: NoPorn / NoFap Google Group - For Those Who're Serious
This is gong to be slightly long but I'm sure it's going to help those who are struggling. I'm going to be really open and honest.

I started No Porn No Fap last year on 19th July.

Up till then I had not even imagined that not watching porn was an option. I had just assumed that it was a habit that'll stay with me forever.

That's when I bumped into this thread and YBOP simultaneously.

And BOOM!there was the answer to my frequent inability to get my willy up or ensure that it stayed hard.

I had not even imagined that the reason could be this overload of virtual induced dopamine that was making my brain insensitive day by day. At that point I had been watching porn for 17 years.

So I jumped on the wagon.

But you'd think my story would be smooth? Hell no!

I made it 100 days and I was so sure I won't ever go back TILL......I had a nocturnal emission (wet dream)...i was almost depressed that day. It was like all my hard work and sacrifice had gone in vain.

That frustration made me start watching porn again, this time with a vengeful and crazy intensity. I was back to jerking off too and to make matters worse, the first girl I slept with after this, I was not able to get erect. That night was as low as I've ever felt.

Since then I've had around 15 relapses, with the max. streak being 1 month which was from new years to Januray 31st.

By this April, I really gave up, at least on the no fap front.

And till now even though Ive been using the term "watching porn", it wasn't even that. My habit was worse than simply watching porn. I was addicted (since 5-6 yrs) to highly perverted sexting on Facebook, which as you can imagine, drains you out even more than simply watching porn. And boy does it kill your drive the next morning. Some mornings actually felt like a sexless zombie with annoying headaches and eye-burns.

Whenever I could manage a streak for whatever little time, I felt wonderful and more productive (though sometimes even then I could not get hard..maybe was too short a period to judge). The overall sense of well being when I did not indulge in this self-destructive habit was out of this world. I knew I had to change.

Here's what worked for me since the beginning of May:

1. TAKE ACTION. Do something TANGIBLE to beat your habit rather than just making a promise. I bough a huge ass notebook and wrote down all the things that happened to me when I replased. The headaches, the guilt, the eyes, the zero libido, etc etc..I had around 17 points written and I would read them whenver I thought of indulging again. ( I still did relapse once but it definintely improved by resilience overall)

2. Figure out your TRIGGERS. For me, I noticed that my laptop played a huge part. Whenver I was working on the laptop, I would just sometimes end up watching some porn video and boom!, next thing I had wasted 4 hours sexting and watching porn. However, I never indulged in all this when I was on my smartphone. Facebook was a hughe cuplrit here, so I downloaded the apps on my phone instead of using it on the laptop. I even started checking my mail on the phone. Another trigger was ALCOHOL. Almost 70% of my relapses took place when I was drunk out of my mind, so I've decided to take a slightly different approach than quitting alcohol cause I frgn love drinking sometimes. I've decided that the moment I get drunk and feel like watching porn, I'm simply gona jerk off. I'm extremely confident of this tactic working, which brings me to the next point about mastubation.

3. Jerking off is fine and even required. Just cut out the porn. I feel very healthy when I masturbate to my imaginations and find its perfectly ok ad even required. My wet dream was a proof that our bodies need to ejaculate regularly. Plus the biggest advantage is that it helps you stay the no porn course slightly more effortlessly. Yes, for a few hours you will not feel horny but I just feel this is a more sustainable and enjoyable appraoch. I can maybe go about a few weeks but I definintely would not commit to never fapping.

4. MEDITATION. This shit has changed my life. I meditate one to two to even three times a day. Started beggning of this year but never did it regularly. But since mid-March I've been doing it almost daily and man, I can tell you it has the potential to change your fucking life. Because the relapses I had since I started meditation had a different feel about them. I felt more disgusted than ever before BUT my resolve also was mch stronger. It was like I could FEEL the bad effects even more and hence my resolve to come back stronger increased drastically, which was a wlcome change for someone like me who doesn't believe in will power. My determination started becoming effortless. For instance, just today morning I was thinkging - Even if someone pays me a million dollars in exhange for conituing to indulge , I won't take it simply cuz it made me feel like shit. So meditation will basically make you so self aware that anything that does not coincide with your nature starts to wither away.

5. Doing purposeful work. One thing that really works in my favor is that I simply love my work. A lot fo times when I relapsed, my work came in as a subsitute to restore pride. If you don't love waht you do, then maybe it needs to be addressed because you may get bored soon and that boredom can make you indulge in porn. Happened to me a lot but I'm sure I wouldnt even stand a chance if I hated what I was doing with my life because one of the biggest triggers for relapse is stress.

6. Create new habits. After one of my relpases, I was so frustrated that I bought a guitar and started working towards one of my dreams - to be a lead singer in a band. I even downloaded some apps based on good habits, the most beneficial one being the following: HABIT, which lets you check the dates on which you succesffuly don't indulge in your bad habits. It acts as a motivator. THe second app is called CLEAN, which lets you just measure the number of days n hours n minutes that you've been clean. Simple apps but they can just motivate you that extra inch as they help you build momentum, something that is essential in not giving up.

That's it. Hope it helped you and good luck to all you out there! Just the fact that we have realised the negative effects of seemingly innocous habits shows that our levels of self-awareness are way better than the average person. That itself should make you happy. Cheers. Smile
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