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NoPorn / NoFap Google Group - For Those Who're Serious
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RE: NoPorn / NoFap Google Group - For Those Who're Serious
(08-14-2016 05:57 AM)Cr33pin Wrote:  I dabbled in the no porn/fap years ago.... I'm sure there is evidence of it somewhere in this thread. However I relapsed and went back to watching it at some point years ago as well.

In June I shared a apartment with RVF member Vinny (Great guy with strong game but no beard) An he had mentioned he joined the no fap no porn like 3 months prior an it was very beneficial to him. So I decided to give it another whirl.... soon there after, around a week and a half or two week I mentioned to him that I was really starting to hit my stride here in Kiev and was killing it with day game and having a lot of productive interactions with the females. He reminded me that shortly after cutting out porn I suddenly started having some of my best approaches and interactions, could it be coincidence or could the no porn play a role?

Fast forward to about 3 weeks ago I noticed some big changes in the way I was viewing life. I'm in many Whatsapp groups with RVF members all over the world, an recently I find myself not as impressed or into the way some of they chats go..... I don't want to go into to much detail but a lot of these chats just end up being boasting about banging random chicks. I though and have even openly discussed recently with other forum members here in Kiev in my circle that I feel like maybe I am getting older or jaded or something but my feelings and views towards this lifestyle and the way I go about it are changing. Last night in one of my chats a member was talking about going for #3 (his 3rd bang in Kiev) an thats all it was a number, I thought to myself "Wow thats pretty empty, just flowing through life chasing numbers"... the next will just be #4. Thats when it dawned on me that my views have probably changed from cutting out porn, its the only thing I have changed in my life. I think maybe my brain is starting to rewire itself a bit for better or for worse. Cause now I'm just kind of confused cause this lifestyle and banging chicks is my life an the way I built an set up my life. Don't get it twisted I still plan on banging chicks, I just look at it a little different.

Bit of a rant but its the epiphany I had last night.. I'm probably close to two months with no porn an no fap

[Image: 528b711c1f44a233baa2d07a2bc17d1bd86e1a0c...76e1b5.jpg]

[Image: doUu2ByZDbPYQ.gif]

Preach. Feel exactly the same way. Will be fun to see you after 1 year of no fap, you'll have attained Nirvana.

I've come to realize that I want to build a good and solid foundation before embarking, if I ever do, on an International Baller kinda lifestyle phase. And laying this foundation requires a great deal of energy. Had a stage after which I realized a new notch is nice, but one only feels like The Man for about an hour or so. Then it's back to the usual grind. Each new notch brings a lesser dopamine rush. (That said, have not experienced flag game properly yet, so this is highly susceptible to change with new living environments and countries.)

I'm 25 y/o and maybe it's a little young to already feel like chasing tail is an empty pursuit. Maybe I should plow through a cornfield of chicks before earning the right to achieve this conclusion. But it happened pretty early. Girls just lost most of their mystery after a while.

Don't think this re-wiring is bad for you. It's almost like a weight off your shoulders when you realize that going after chicks just for the notch is an ever-reaching and ultimately empty strive, purely driven by ego and what society deems as a valued manly pursuit. Look at guys like Charlie Sheen with numbers in the thousands; sure, he's probably got an infinite amount of crazy stories, but in the end he seems like a guy who never found what he was searching for, and got stuck with AIDS to top it off.

I much rather build a great foundation for starting a family with a good woman; it's the ultimate goal.

(I swear, sometimes I feel like an old romantic geezer stuck in the body of a young man.)


On to topic at hand, I do think there's something to not fapping or watching porn. Nowadays I bounce outta bed in the morning, enough said. Ejaculations contain the same chemicals as that of our cerebrospinal fluid, and that fluid is pretty important to us. Why waste it on Sasha Grey or other porn hoes? Recommend researching what the Chinese/Taoists think about fapping... We should not easily discard the wisdom of the ancients.
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