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NoPorn / NoFap Google Group - For Those Who're Serious
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RE: NoPorn / NoFap Google Group - For Those Who're Serious
Day 38

This is my 21st attempt since jumping on the bandwagon in July 2015.

The longest I went was last year for around 63 days.

This streak is the second longest for me but this time my confidence is on another level and I just know that I'm not going to relapse. I've been drunk a lot of ocassions and still not relapsed, something which was almost always a relapse trigger in the past.

To the gentlemen who don't take this serisouly, I can say one thing - You have no clue what you are missing out on. Only if it could be put in words.

I was almost heading for loneliness and depression before I started this shit and now I almost feel like an animal.

Sometimes I get horny to the degree where my body is almost trembling with the urge to fuck a woman. It's a beautiful feeling, not only in terms of how alive it makes you feel but also because it really motivates you to get out there in the real world and form connections, approach and become a fuck hunter. I haven't felt this ever in my life, thanks to the porn fest in which I got absorbed since childhood.

I've realised that most people cannot follow through and relapse simply because they don't realise the benefits and don't end up taking this seriously enough deep down.

I can tell you that watching porn and losing your semen is almost as bad as any other second grade disease and in the long term, possibly as bas as any serious one.

This shit will change your life, make no mistake about it.

I'll be writing a detailed post when I complete the half century.

What's my goal?

There is no goal. THat's what you have to realise. This shit is FOREVER.

The first time you declare this to yourself, you'll almost feel a void in your life, like the one you feel when you lose someone who is close to you.

But show some grit, hang in there and never back down. The benefits of restoring your brain's factory settings are just way too good to not acoomplish this mission.

They don't just stop at improving your sex life, but will massively upgrade your abilities in everything you do in life.
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