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NoPorn / NoFap Google Group - For Those Who're Serious
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RE: NoPorn / NoFap Google Group - For Those Who're Serious
(09-01-2016 04:19 AM)fenetre Wrote:  
(08-23-2016 07:29 PM)Grenblin Wrote:  Count me in, 11 days no PMO.
Been watching porn for about 10+ years, noticed that my interests began shifting toward some sick shit that in no way would get me even semi-hard before. Used to jerk when in LTR to a point when I preferred it over banging my fiance (now an ex).


Didn't install any blockers because I don't want to rely on anything external in my battle. Only will power.
Deleted my 250+GB porn collection, but kept personal videos and photos, however I'm not feeling an urge to look at them.
Also starting ZMA tomorrow.

Will keep updating as I go.

How's it going man? Hope you're staying strong

I was waiting until tomorrow when I hit 3 weeks to post an update.

- So far no relapses even though sometimes the urge is strong, almost overwhelming, but successfully resisting that urge is even more satisfying.
- I think I've hit if not 100% flatline, then something very close to it. Most of the time I am just indifferent even though in my head I still think about banging every damn chick I lay my eyes on. The most I get is a semi boner.
- Morning wood subsided almost completely, I only woke up to a couple of them and they weren't that strong.
- Been taking ZMA, the vivid dreams are interesting and somewhat weird, but nothing as extreme as what I've been reading online.
- Hitting the gym hard; I've been able to up the resistance on almost every exercise which is friggin' awesome.
- I still cannot fall asleep on the schedule, but wake up fairly refreshed even with less than optimal amount of sleep.
- I require less caffeine (cut the amount in half) to stay alert during the day and don't take power naps anymore because I don't feel the need. On the other hand, staying concentrated during 15-minute meditations became more challenging.
- Noticed that I have no problem maintaining eye contact with attractive females, not sure if that's the result of hormonal change or just my confidence gone up. I actually enjoy when they are the first to break the eye contact.
- Mood swings are still present, although not as intensely as few weeks ago. Most are from being upset about the whole ED problem, thoughts such as "I'll never be able to bang another chick without going limp halfway through" etc. Reading multitude of NoFAP success stories helps with motivation and gives me hope.

On the side note, spoke about taking the challenge with my best friend and my younger brother who in their turns both admitted to having the same problem with porn and/or ED and both jumped on the wagon.

In today's world "I think therefore I am" has been replaced with "I'm offended therefore shut up."
09-01-2016 01:54 PM
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