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NoPorn / NoFap Google Group - For Those Who're Serious
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RE: NoPorn / NoFap Google Group - For Those Who're Serious
I was never heavily addicted, per-say, but I had about two years of daily/ 7-8x weekly fap. Mostly image-based porn (Playboy, artistic stuff on Tumblr), and realistic-side stuff on PornHub for video. I would go for about half an hour before sleeping everyday (and before lunch on a weekend day), and found sleeping without fap took about 6x as long to pass out (5mins vs. 30min or more). I found I didn't need it traveling, which was good. At beginning of summer, I switched from daily (with Sunday lunchtime too) to 5 days per week. I was never addicted like a cigarette smoker was. I felt lame doing it daily, and craved it nightly, but a long weekend (3-4 days) wasn't like a volcano.

In mid-September, I stopped cold turkey at the end of one week. Did not so much as touch my dick (except to piss of course), my only hard-ons were morning wood and the occasional California bombshell walking by. I never even saw my own dick erect since that date. It has been 1 month. I have felt the more aggressive edge, I can fall asleep instantly without any crutches, approaching girls is natural. I have more vigorous energy (fap never weakened me like some guys as much as it took off the edge I had in potential). After 3 days I had no urges to fap even without scoring any girls. It was easier than I thought, I am better for it and do not miss it. At the one-month mark the other day, I broke the streak by choice. I didn't succumb to an urge or uncontrollable craving.

I chose to do so. I knew that choice could ruin my achievement, but it didn't. I achieved a month and knew I could have achieved (especially with pussy on the horizon) 6 months, but I believe in moderation. I fapped to some tasteful glamour nudes, and it was enjoyable. BUT, importantly, I have no cravings. No urge. I can keep going another month, or two, or 6. I am strong-willed, my ability to go from 5/7 days to nothing for a month proves it. This intentional break was an important test of my sheer will, and this test shows that one rare indulgence doesn't affect the powerful energy I gained from quitting. Unlike an alcoholic, I abused the bottle but I have full control. With a new setting and a massive amount of babes available to game I'm in the home stretch.
10-16-2016 12:55 AM
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