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NoPorn / NoFap Google Group - For Those Who're Serious
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RE: NoPorn / NoFap Google Group - For Those Who're Serious
Philosophical Recovery you are right about jerking off vs drinking. Maybe because jerking off is so much more solitary -- something you do alone where nobody but yourself is affected negatively, versus drinking where deep in my heart I knew I was at the point where any time I drank all bets were off and I could damage a relationship with a friend of family member, get a DUI and kill a person in a car crash, ruin my career with a legal issue, etc. On the other hand the only *victim* of porn abuse is me, and I'm self-destructive enough to not really care about that when I lose my focus on the big picture.

When I quit drinking I was really shy around women (I was quite embarrassed basically that I was one of *those people* who had to quit drinking) so I sort of retreated into a shell. I definitely had a few Friday nights spent alone watching porn instead of going out drinking and chasing women. Luckily I met a girl a month-ish into quitting drinking who I dated, but when we were apart I would still hit up PornHub way too much. I moved due to work away from her in like May and we broke up, so I fell right back into the rut of porn again. Sometime around the start of July I quit porn after reading through this thread and now I am at 16 Weeks porn/fap free as of tomorrow.

I think I am finally starting to see some gains in self confidence, communication skills etc that were 'promised' with NoFap, complimenting the skills I have had to work on now that I am over a year sober from booze and drugs. I never really felt anything immediately other than blue balls until I slept with a woman but I am certain that things are different now than about 4 months ago. I find myself realizing halfway through conversations that I am not breaking eye contact which I knew I always did -- sort of weird but also liberating in a way. I find also that without that dopamine rush I could rely on after work or whatever, knowing a porn marathon was around the corner, I have had to adapt, so I am now hitting a workout daily. I look back a couple years ago and I was drinking, jerking off, etc way too much, just melting down into a degenerate lifestyle where I was slacking off putting work into achieving goals because I knew I could get my feel-good rush artificially.

Tips: Get an app on your phone to track progress, I use one called "Since iQuit" for IPhones, it's designed for quitting smoking but whatever, a little more discrete if someone looks over my phone and sees that instead of "Quit Jacking Off App" haha. If you are reading this thread and leaning towards giving it a shot, just install the app. When you have a particularly depressing "final wank" and you know you have had enough, just type in your exact time when you 'finished the job' (Wash your hand first LOL) and then giver for a bit. Before you know it a week will have passed!

Also some people can do it in moderation, just like people can drink in moderation. I am not one of those types -- my brain chemistry is geared towards constant anxiety and depressive feelings so booze and other dopamine rushing activities like porn are just too tempting for people like me. But even if you aren't a degenerate boozehound like me, if you know deep in your heart you are making porn too big a part of your daily routine, give it a go and see what happens!
10-26-2016 09:03 PM
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