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NoPorn / NoFap Google Group - For Those Who're Serious
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RE: NoPorn / NoFap Google Group - For Those Who're Serious
(10-29-2016 07:25 PM)philosophical_recovery Wrote:  Day 22.

Feel worn out as hell today. No where near the energy I had earlier this week. Not sure if it's just because I was so physical at the gym this week, climbing more than normal, and going out last night.

Flucuations in energy levels day to day and also week to week are normal. Progress in nofap is NON LINEAR.

Sooner or later you will enter the FLATLINE phase where your body does the real healing. This is when a lot of guys get real scared beacuse it's common to go from 5 to 30 days in a row feeling like you have the dead useless dick of a 90 year old man. During that time guys get so paranoid that they will never have another erection again that they "test" themselves with porn, erotic stories, or simply non nude sexy photos. That is where many guys cave in. Realise that the flatline period is the worst part of rebooting, but also the one where your body is doing the most inner healing from years of self abuse. The flatline lasts different amounts of time for each man but you must get through it with the knowledge that your libido will come back stronger than ever.

Also - DO NOT EDGE !

Edging is very dangerous. Even if you manage to stop yourself in time your dick will be filled with cum and thats the worst place for it to be if your not going to follow through. Also edging takes away your nofap skin glow....your head gets hot and sweaty (sometimes oily) and you have already started undoing your progress. When you feel the need to edge while in bed, lie on your back and put your fapping hand behind your back and apply pressure so you cant move it until the urge goes away. If the urge does not go away, go to the shower and apply ice cold water onto your whole head and hands. Generally cold showers are very good to stop emergency situations, but if thats not possible ice cold water on the hands and head should do the trick. DO NOT TOUCH YOUR DICK !!!

Remember - a full reboot takes a MINIMUM of 90 days...no less. Yes, 3 whole months is the minimum you need to reach to see lasting improvements.

Doing this long term is one of the most difficult thing most men will attempt in their lives....stay vigilant, stay away from triggers, block porn on your devices, and most of all if you relapse one time....do not binge. One single failure does not undo all your progress, but 3 or more failures in a row will. Dont try to achieve perfection as this is impossible, rather be like a boxer who got knocked out cold by his opponent, but instead of giving up and staying on the floor like a fucking loser, he got straight back up and kept fighting. The guy who keeps fighting despite many setbacks, is the guy who eventually wins big.

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