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NoPorn / NoFap Google Group - For Those Who're Serious
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RE: NoPorn / NoFap Google Group - For Those Who're Serious
Captain's log Day 12- My energy is way up and I'm much more positive. I seem to go thru 2 cycles of great healthy energy a day. One in the morning until mid afternoon and one after dinner. It's a great development and for a non morning person, the am is becoming seem less. I bounce from one task to another with swiftness.

Howevr, in between the energy cycles there is a halftime of negative energy, usually anger or unfounded self defeating thoughts. Then the second one comes and I find myself edging as I go to bed.

To talk myself down, I remain future oriented and remind myself that the sickos that poison us with this debilitating practice want us to be low energy jebs. Their sole Joe is designed to overstimulate us and make us unambitious. Many of us turned to this at a vulnerable time in life, for me it was after a traumatic break up in an attempt to numb the pain. Little did I know itd become an addiction which robs you of your agency if you let it. It can store the foundation of your future and drive you into a wicked cycle of self torment.

And everytime this timeline plays out in my head I remind myself there is an enormous future in front of me. There is so much to be attempted and accomplished. A beautiful family and a bunch of little Greek gods running around who will be RP'd from the crib. Shitlords of the highest order. Employees to mentor. A community to contribute to just like my dad and grandfathers did. A mainstay and hopefully a positive impact on members here as well.

So when some sick fucking pervert that couldn't make it in Hollywood tries to project his uncouth, formulaic script onto me I tap into what is yet to come and double down on better future. Youporn isn't going anywhere but my domain will only arrive if I make it so.

Your unimaginative scripts lose power every day and as yours weakens, my story grows. I'm coming for your ass.

End rant.

11-05-2016 01:07 AM
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