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NoPorn / NoFap Google Group - For Those Who're Serious
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RE: NoPorn / NoFap Google Group - For Those Who're Serious

This thread represents a core pillar of what's great about RVF and Neomasculinity--namely, taking responsibility for one's own actions and seeing the virtue in self-discipline to achieve a better, healthier life.

Conversely the idea of, for example, 'fat acceptance' represents not only a trading of personal agency for self-harming delusions, but also the rejection of evidence-based science. In this post I will share some of the scientific findings relating to NoFap alongside my own perspective.

You vs the Urge

It is difficult to exaggerate the ecological power underlying the urge to pass on our genes (jacking off is akin to tricking our body in this regard). Given the modern enablers of fast internet and easy-access porn--a harmful vice on its own [1]--it takes mighty self-control to abstain.

There have been some fantastic posts here, e.g., by HankRearden [2], which highlight (a) several benefits for quitting/moderation, and (b) some practical, how-to techniques. I feel passionate about health, be it mental, physical or otherwise, and wanted to share another reason to go easy when it comes to chokin' the chicken.

Sometimes our emotional states override our logical, rational thoughts. In order to take back this sense of control, it may take a big, clear reason for us to tell ourselves "NO!" For instance, if you're about to bag a same-night-lay, you may feel a deep, animalistic urge to slide it in raw and bust inside. In most cases we can override this urge with a thought or image relating to disease or pregnancy; e.g., "this chick is a slut, who knows what she has, wrap it up!"

Likewise if you're having difficulty with jerking in moderation (a problem that plagued me for years), I suggest that you get in touch with your big, clear reason(s).

Find your ‘why’

What is my big ‘why’? Well, I have a few, some positive (e.g., I wanna save my energy for both me and my girl) and negative (namely prostate cancer).

As a young, healthy man, the latter may seem like a problem for other, old people. Also, for many years there were a number of public advocates for the role of jerking/ejaculation in reducing cancer, or simply, for no limit jerk-a-thons [3]. However, recent evidence indicates a number of reasons to reconsider such advice [4], suggesting that “frequent masturbation in young men is linked to higher risk of early prostate cancer” [5].

Scientific Evidence

In both sexes [4] greater masturbation frequency is associated with:

Quote:"...more depressive symptoms, less happiness, and several other indicators of poorer physical and mental health, (which include anxious attachment, immature psychological defense mechanisms, greater blood pressure reactivity to stress, dissatisfaction with one’s mental health and life in general)... impaired sexual function... and more dissatisfaction with relationships and less love for partners.

In contrast, penile-vaginal intercourse (PVI) is very consistently related to better health, better sexual function and better intimate relationship quality. Moreover, although less risk of prostate cancer was associated with greater number of ejaculations (without specification of the sexual behavior), it is PVI frequency that is specifically associated with reduced risk, whereas masturbation frequency is more often related to increased risk.”

Considering that, “in Western countries, prostate cancer is amongst the most common adult-onset cancers in men” [6], a drastic re-thinking of education relating to masturbation is warranted if we are to make strides in establishing best practice guidelines.


That said, little in the way of firm, all-encompassing conclusions about single, causal factors can be made at this point. A recent literature review entitled “Evidence for Masturbation and Prostate Cancer Risk: Do We Have a Verdict?“ [7] noted that:

Quote:“...All findings considered as results and subsequently discussed were correlational relations; no direct outcomes were specifically caused by individual study variables. The possibilities for contributing variables are many and might include differentiating ejaculation types, differentiating between masturbatory ejaculation and all other forms, defining type of ejaculation in age categories, and sexual risk behaviors such as prophylactic use, number of partners, frequency, and STI history. Age range emerged as an important third variable in addition to masturbation and PCa risk...

Further questions could also relate to the optimal frequency, grip and duration of self-pleasure, in addition to interactions between such factors and individual differences in sex drive, pelvic function and testosterone levels. To illustrate, perhaps two 25-year-old men who both get laid twice a week through PVI, one with a 5/10 testosterone level and one with a 9/10 level, would have a different range of optimal whacking frequency.


Nonetheless, when considering the empirical evidence, in addition to the anecdotal weight of this thread (which include a range of other benefits to nofap like enabling the power to persist on a date), the suggestion to limit jerkin of the gherkin seem wise to heed for any virile young man.

Some tips

  • Put a coded, subtle reminder note on your home computer desk that only you can interpret (e.g., jgna = jerking the gherkin not allowed).
  • When you're in your bedroom or another jerking-friendly environment (hopefully not on the bus fellas), avoid any stimulus that could trigger it, such as chicks on social media.
  • Talk to a red-pilled mate who understands, and tell him your goal, for example: no fap for 2 weeks. You will be more likely to achieve your goals when you feel an obligation to be consistent in the eyes of others. Like a gym buddy, friends can also motivate you.
  • Give yourself a small reward to replace the vice. For example, instead of spending an hour jacking off, take half that time to watch a comedy show or call a friend.

If you feel the urge
  • Learn to enjoy it rather than trying to fight it. Reframe it in your mind as a great feeling of energy, power and intrinsic pleasure, rather than a need to release.
  • Remind yourself of your own personal 'why', perhaps a positive (e.g., rubbing your diamond-hard member against some girl in the club tonight) or negative image (e.g., the regret that you have afterwards).
  • Take some small, immediate action that will change your mental or physical state. For instance, drink 2 big glasses of water (side note: this is also good for fasting when feeling the urge to eat).


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