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NoPorn / NoFap Google Group - For Those Who're Serious
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RE: NoPorn / NoFap Google Group - For Those Who're Serious
Lets see, I went 35 days with no nuts shot but was a litttttttle too liberal with my rules. Was bound to fail because I'd allow the occasional edge and porn dump. Bit silly and counterproductive.

I have a gridded excel sheet with seven daily habits that I check off the following day. Nofap is on it. Keeps it tangible and simple to track.

The only time I lose control is hungover or buzzed. My willpower drops a ton which is to be expected.

Sober urges are generally repelled by reminding myself that some loser pervert sits in a room to mess with my life. Its a game to me. Fuck that guy. This is a zero sum game.

General observations; mood has leveled out. I'm slower to anger and more detached from things out of my control. Quicker to strike up conversations in public and wit rolls off the tongue. Ripped thru that awkward phase when your brain is readjusting. Motivation/ambition levels are all over the map and I expect this to be the case for a while. Desire to workout fluctuates but I'm just rolling with the wave. Voice has deepened. Sleep schedule regulating a bit. Morning wood game is strong like oak.

IMHO the biggest battle is the mental and habitual one with porn. So artificial and so unrealistic given the streaming delivery. Repositioning porn in my head from "something I shouldn't do because its bad for me to this is literally robbing me of a higher quality of life, income, potentially becoming a father, charisma, and a host of other positive developments and some freak in the San Fernando Valley is making a killing off it". Which I'll admit is over the top but so was my Kazaa fueled porn binge as a 14 year old.

So anyways, back at day 4. Goal is 2 months.

12-11-2016 10:43 PM
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