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NoPorn / NoFap Google Group - For Those Who're Serious
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RE: NoPorn / NoFap Google Group - For Those Who're Serious
(12-12-2016 02:05 PM)greekgod Wrote:  A thought just occurred to me and its a bit mind blowing.
Is tinder the female version of porn?

Hear me out real quick.
Women seek security in exchange for sex and men seek sex in exchange for provisioning.
We have our dopamine source which alters our sex drive in the form of porn. Your hind brain deludes itself into equating naked lizards for real life.
Does the female hindbrain delude itself into thinking "digital pile of men waiting in line to provide me resources?"
When in reality, those guys are just thinking..'eh, I'll swipe while I take a dump'
Maybe I'm kooky. I don't mean to derail but your statement about dopamine overload made me consider the inverse for women.
Tying it all back together, if my idea about tinder being porn for chicks holds water (maybe, maybe not), its all about reward systems in your brain.
Big battle to fight but ultimately worth it.


It's not tinder itself...it's ALL social media (including all online dating) which is like porn for women.
This is because female brains get some of their highest dopamine spikes from personal attention, validation and compliments.

However, the female brain is not built to handle the overload of endless male attention and validation she gets nowadays. Before the internet, a girl who didn't look good and act nice was very lonely at home for weeks on end....now she's got a 1000 potential suitors online from 1 single profile pic, and a daily dose of endless compliments and attention from her emails, apps and all her other online accounts. What do you think that does to her brain ?

Have you noticed how much more difficult it has become to pick-up and game girls since smartphones came onto the scene ? Or simply to keep a girl's attention attention for longer than 15 minutes....even if you already fucked her, or even if she's already your girlfriend or wife. You are always fighting a losing battle with her phone. Why ? Because she has brain damage, just like you did from porn before starting NoFap.

Also, a lot of natural healthy dopamine is created in both men and women (that find each other attractive) when they exchange long eye contact. Smartphones have destroyed eye contact between men and women and young couples no longer fall in love nowadays. When's the last time your pupils dilated and got real big from looking into a real girl's eyes in real life, rather than from a pornstar online ?

Like this:

[Image: 65tiG.gif]

Just like porn is creating brain damage in men, all social media (including dating sites) is creating brain damage in women.
Women have their own form of serious "porn" addiction, and we as men, need to make them stop using it.

It's called facebook
It's called whatsapp
It's called linkedIN
It's called POF
It's called Tinder
It's called smartphones
It's called all online dating websites
It's called all social media
It's called brain damage to all women through unnatural endless dopamine overdose.

Once you've broken your porn and fapping addictions and made your self back into a real man, and then managed to game and bang your hot bitches....it's your job as a man to get them the hell off that shit.

Just watch how much a better, sweeter, feminine women she becomes, when she is no longer addicted to that shit, her brain heals, and all her attention is for you.
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12-13-2016 11:25 AM
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