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NoPorn / NoFap Google Group - For Those Who're Serious
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RE: NoPorn / NoFap Google Group - For Those Who're Serious
(01-17-2017 05:54 PM)Mercenary Wrote:  
(01-17-2017 03:15 PM)redbeard Wrote:  Pulling up on 3 months.

Well done.
Please give us a few more details.
Have you been with girls during this time ? Did you "peek" and look at porn ? How have the urges been in general ?
What has improved in your life ?

I'll preface by saying I've been at this NoFap deal for at least four years. Trying to quit, going long stretches of NoFap or NoPorn. This is nothing new.

About a year ago that I realized I never really snapped the porn addiction. Even on long NoFap streaks, I would still edge and get a little dopamine rush looking at porn. It was a regular occurrence and did not help with NoFap.

For most of 2016 I would go a few weeks without jerking off, then maybe watch some porn...I really half-assed things. I had other business going on and if I wanted to jerk off I wouldn't resist as much as I should. In the summer I had some health issues and used masturbation to cope. This was bad so I started NoFap again, but then I was disappointed in performance in bed.

Towards the end of the year I started trying edging (once again) to extend performance. This helped some but I found my performance issues to be mental, not physical. I would get worked up and excited, then blow my load. At this point I was frustrated with edging. I did it for months and did not see results, PLUS I was cuming a few times a week so mental clarity was done. I was using porn because I wouldn't naturally get hard on cue to edge. So I stopped.

One of the issues I was dealing with during eding is pelvic floor imbalance. I have a strong kegel and can move my dick on command, but can't figure how to reverse kegel for my life. I tried doing reverse kegels but it's difficult to dedicate time to.

At this time I was reading PEGym.com a lot. There is A LOT of broscience on that forum, but the guys mean well and post their real experiences. There's one guy on there who really stuck out. His username is JamesMonroe, he tried edging, death grip, NoFap, etc. After many countless attempts he finally got over PE by "having sex a lot with his gf." He had posts where he was blunt about it all, explaining how the exercises helped but he never got over the hump until the was banging constantly. Months of sex in a committed relationship reset his mental pathways and cleared up his pelvic floor.

Therefore I provide the following hypothesis of my problems:

Problem #1 - Mental - Extended porn sessions builds up dopamine in my brain until I jerk off and blow my load quickly. This is how I've jacked off for most of my life. When I was a kid I would watch porn on the family computer and then go to the bathroom to jerk off. When I was in college I had a roommate and would do the same. Now out of college, I only jack off when I fail NoFap and go down the rabbithole (softcore, hardcore, jerkoff).

This explains first-time performance anxiety. So excited to bang a new chick I blow fast.

This problem is an uncalibrated dopamine feedback loop. My brain gets extremely excited when good things are happening, and sad when things are going bad. This also correlates with anxiety/panic attacks I've had most of my life (topic for another thread). Curing anxiety by getting off prescription pills has calmed my mind more than any drug, so instead of having my brain ride peaks and valleys, I want it to be steady.

Problem #2 - Pelvic floor imbalance - I've been practicing kegels for a long time, people were preaching it on the original NoFap subreddit. They're fun to do, so I would do them while watching porn and even during sex.

How I plan to fix these problems -

#1 - long term NoFap and NoPorn. At least a year, to rewire my brain. I have reached 3 months and have confidence I will continue strong.

#2 - have sex as much as possible to correctly rewire my brain. Even though I racked up some notches, I didn't have a serious girlfriend until I was 20, so my sex life was sporadic, drunk, and under the influence of regular masturbation. Right now I have 2 girlfriends I'm banging raw. My performance is much better because I'm relaxed. I know these girls, and enjoy the experience.

#3 - meditation, and lots of deep squats to stretch the pelvic floor.

#4 - reverse kegels. All the time. I do it whenever I'm bored or thinking about my dick. It's actually relaxing.

So far the experiment is going well. I have sex at minimum once a week. My mental clarity is off the charts, thanks to dialing in all aspects of my life. If I don't bang for 6 days I start getting strong strong urges. I stay busy during the day so they don't affect my concentration, but they do strike hard at night. I regularly take OptiZinc and high dose magnesium which helps me knock the fuck out. If I get horny at night I'll put on some meditation or hypnotism tapes. If these don't work I take melatonin or 5-HTP.

I'm excited with how things are going. I know that if I lose these girls it'll be a challenge stocking my sex life up again, but that's what game is there for.

"Years of conditioning cannot be overcome in mere weeks."

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01-17-2017 11:11 PM
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