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NoPorn / NoFap Google Group - For Those Who're Serious
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RE: NoPorn / NoFap Google Group - For Those Who're Serious
I've finally got a few weeks of experimentation under my belt with The 5 G's for Big Erections. From my brief study I conclude that it works.

Erection quality is higher. This wasn't a problem for me, but I was watching a girl suck my dick and it looked noticeably wider. Refractory period has gone down, and performance has improved in bed. However, these could all bee due to my NoFap recovery (still going strong).

I can say for a fact that I am MUCH hornier when taking it. After 5 days of consistent use, I am ready to hump the floor if I had to. Monday night I banged my FWB twice then went to the gym...and I was still checking out ass like a 13 year old on his first Playboy.

I'm trying to figure out a good cycle that is beneficial but no negative side effects. Last week I got TOO horny during work and could not concentrate, which is rare. Reading the PEGym thread, the OP suggests only taking it 5-6 days a week to let the herbs keep their potency in your body. Major broscience, but I'm going to try it. Except I'm going to do something like Wednesday - Sunday so I can be horny AF over the weekend.

At this point I would suggest getting this, especially if you quit porn and STILL have ED problems.

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02-09-2017 08:37 PM
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