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NoPorn / NoFap Google Group - For Those Who're Serious
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RE: NoPorn / NoFap Google Group - For Those Who're Serious
(02-12-2017 05:11 PM)SHANbangs Wrote:  Apologies are in order for this question because I'm sure it's been covered in this thread, but given that it's 105 pages, a little TL;DR is justified.

Has anybody found any negative consequences/counterproductive effects from nofap + no-orgasm (different things, as you could have gotten laid) after two weeks or an extended period of time? I feel great right now on nofap and no porn at the two week mark (aggression, horniness, more action less thought, better boners), but I may not get laid until the 3-4 week mark with the way my current girl hustles are shaping up. I have heard that extended periods of no-orgasm has lead some to feel a dip or "flatline" in motivation, aggressiveness, mood, and even lack of approach desire, even though they experienced the initial high of aggression, confidence, and better wood during the first two weeks. In short, I don't want extended no-fap to affect my game or my performance once I close. I'm entertaining a fap without porn as a hormone "reset."

FYI no-porn is a keeper either way.

This is an excellent question and i do not have a definitive answer for you. I have heard reports both ways - one that long term nofap means your overall libido and desire for sex gets more muted. Other dudes say thats nonsense and that as soon as you see a hot girl in real life after months and months of nofap it comes rushing back and you approach with zero fear. My suspicion is that all ejaculations without a real life girl are bad for you, no matter how long you have been abstinent. Even without porn i cant see it giving you any benefit whatsoever. I have actually read those nofap self help books from 150 and 300 years ago that i posted about on the previous page and they say the same thing. No ejaculations without a girl - ever.

Also, im beginning to suspect that the elements found in semen which accumulate in your body when you don't fap react differently according to outside temperature and time of year. Meaning something like that its easier to do long term nofap in the winter, but really difficult in the summer. If this is true, then that would mean that we have been lied to about human nature and that humans actually DO have an official mating season.

We know that women's menstruation cycles follow the moon cycles very it would be no suprise if there are strong energy forces in nature we dont even understand that affect us more if we are full of sperm. Meaning that sperm is kind of an energy receptor and conduit for the male body and depletion causes you to lose all that "magic" power.

When you do long term nofap you find out what its like to be a woman with a cycle of both extreme horniness in certain weeks and then other weeks you have zero desire and extreme moodiness like girls have before they get their peroids. Honestly, nofap will really help you understand women's brain chemistry more cause you will feel similar highs and lows.

My advice to you is this:

Block all porn on all devices and do not fap for at least 90 days. Record your moods in a diary over those 3 months and post about it here. Once you reach the 90 days you can make an assesment of what you think is right.

Flatlines in those 90 days are normal and expected while your brain reboots. In fact if you don't have a flatline i would think you are cheating or taking chemical supplements like viagra which you should never do. Accept that you MUST have a flatline to heal the damage from lifelong fapping and porn. However, if this flatline extends beyond 90 days then i would look at other causes like diet, your job, your weight, social life, and any other addictions you may have. Getting rid of alcohol and all forms of non natural sugar and being a healthy weight will make you more horny for sure.

Interestingly scientists have found that a full production cycle of every single sperm (called Spermatogenesis) is somewhere between 70 and 90 days. Considering you release millions every time you ejaculate this would explain why the 90 day standard has been agreed up by thousands of men as a the best benchmark for a full brain and body reset.

More info here:
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