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NoPorn / NoFap Google Group - For Those Who're Serious
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RE: NoPorn / NoFap Google Group - For Those Who're Serious
(02-20-2017 01:28 PM)Mercenary Wrote:  
(02-20-2017 12:56 PM)griffinmill Wrote:  About masturbation: I fap maybe once every two weeks. I see no harm in doing it occasionally. Once a week is probably the most you should be doing it, and NOT to porn. If you're not masturbating, you will have wet dreams. Your body needs to get rid of that excess sperm. I really don't think there's anything wrong with masturbation in moderation. It's a stress release. If you abstain completely, you'll suffer from premature ejaculation when you're with a girl.

Griffinmill, what is your record numner of days for going without sex and fapping ? I ask because you may start to think differently the longer your abstinence streaks are and the more powerful you become.

Firstly, premature ejaculation due to NoFap is not guaranteed. I certainly haven't experienced that. Often this is simply caused by anxiety with a new girl rather than nofap. Secondly, wet dreams are normal if you quit porn as your brain becomes healthy again. However i do not think this is a long term thing you need to cope with if you go permanently on NoFap. Sex dreams might be more frequent, but wet dreams where you actually cum while sleeping are definetly not as common as you think. You might have a few per year at most. Thirdly, and most importantly you need to give up the idea of masturbation in moderation being ok and as a stress release. It is not. That mindset is for guys who don't want to even try.

You know what is a genuine stress release ?
You together in bed with a hot sexy girl who is begging to be totally ravished over and over again by the wild untamed animal who brought her there.

I'm just going by my own experiences. I would strongly advice against the use of porn for any kind of recreational use, but masturbation I'm on the fence about.

I think the longest I tried no porn and NoFap was for maybe 6 months to a year and it actually resulted in a decrease in my sexual appetite. It was around this time I had a lot of wet dreams. Abstaining didn't make me any hornier.

I never used to be a habitual masturbator anyway (sometimes only once every four days). Now it's once a week or once a fortnight. This doesn't cause me any sexual dysfunction. Complete NoFap would result in some premature ejaculation (especially with a new girl) as I was simply too excited once I was in bed with a girl.

Whatever works for you is fine, and I think no porn/NoFap is entirely honourable and go for it. Especially no porn, which is destructive and harmful and should be avoided at all costs.
02-20-2017 02:24 PM
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