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NoPorn / NoFap Google Group - For Those Who're Serious
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RE: NoPorn / NoFap Google Group - For Those Who're Serious
(02-24-2017 03:38 PM)Mercenary Wrote:  When you don't fap, your immune system becomes a lot stronger.
I haven't had a cold at all this winter while most people else I see are sneezing and coughing everywhere I go.
So, to answer your question, I'm quite convinced that together with a good diet and healthy weight, it can certainly help prevent cancer and other serious diseases.

But don't take my word for it...the beauty of this is that each man can verify for himself the benefits he will get.
Correlation does not imply causation. I can't remember the last time I was sick and I fap occasionally. Some people's immune systems are just simply stronger than others.

I have nothing against the NoFap movement. I think the science behind it is sound. The longest I've gone without fapping and watching porn is 2 months and although the effects weren't similar to others in that I experienced less social anxiety (I never really had any to begin with so perhaps that's why but I digress) and girls eye fucking me constantly and other reported benefits, I did experience stronger erections and had more energy than I normally do.

But when guys make claims that their hair magically started to regrow just because they abstained from watching porn and masturbating for a few months, I can't help but be skeptical.
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