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NoPorn / NoFap Google Group - For Those Who're Serious
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RE: NoPorn / NoFap Google Group - For Those Who're Serious
A New Years Resolution of mine was NoPorn/NoFap.

Broke twice. Once a couple days after New Year, an FWB was scheduled to come over. Texting got hot and heavy, and then she (legitimately) last minute had something come up, so that was my 'one to burn'. Second time was two weeks later, felt like shit afterwards. So cold turkey from there on out.

Had a few bangs, one new one in the rotation, and two regulars from last year.

Currently going on just over a month no fap.

Technically no porn.. (?)

1) Occasionally might intentionally click on a link here or another forum. Usually the link is integral to the thread (some 'good girl' in a porn video).

2) Gifs.. I've been using Snapchat with a few women that I already have their number and/or already gotten the bang. We'll trade porn gifs back and forth.

Not sure if that second one qualifies as no porn or not.

Nutting quick ? Yep. I met up with one chick off Tinder, went to her place explicitly for the bang, with her kid sleeping in the other room. Blew my load from a bj, her kid started fidgeting about 5 minutes after I blasted on her tits, so she ushered me out. But she wants me to come back and finish the job, I told her (nicely) only if the kid isn't around (so I can make at least a couple of rounds).

As far as the thread topic, I'm starting to notice more of an aggressive urge to pursue, and by default my game seems to be getting smoother. Not that I was a downer, but I'm feeling more upbeat since last fap.

Also notice stiffer erections in the am, and nutting a lot faster the first time. But staying power and stamina in the rounds after that.

Lastly, I'm sensing a lot more women 'noticing' me. A little more friendly. And a couple of women in my (different) social circles seem to be taking interest.

I'm sticking with it. Can't wait to see what two and three months out looks and feels like.

Darkwing Buck Wrote:  A 5 in your bed is worth more than a 9 in your head.
02-26-2017 11:03 PM
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