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NoPorn / NoFap Google Group - For Those Who're Serious
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RE: NoPorn / NoFap Google Group - For Those Who're Serious
Gave this plenty of tries in the past couple of years. Longest streak was around 45 days while in a mini relationship. Over the past couple of months my sex drive went up significantly - early 20s - and I've found myself fapping literally every single day at least once. Which never happened growing up, and it's seriously taken a toll on my energy levels. At the very least I need to cut down but I'd like to try this again.

I'm interested in hearing your guys' thoughts on nofap from the following perspective:

Just how realistic, beneficial and difficult is nofap when you're getting no action at all? Have any of you guys done it, and if so for how long?

Personally, I find giving up porn/masturbation altogether a nobrainer when I'm getting enough sex. It takes almost 0 willpower to reduce it to 1-2 odd times a month. However, that hasn't been the case for the past few months, and it won't be for another 6-12 months or so. I'm not bullshitting, and I'd like to avoid going into the exact specifics.

I'll try to paint the picture for you guys though: literally every single area of my life is working against meeting women and getting laid at the moment ( and in the very near future ), it's more than simply logistics. As a result, I am focusing nearly every single drop of energy on business and my physical health, putting everything else second. I realize my game will go to shit to some extent, and will try to keep minimal levels on social interactions going just so I don't backslide completely. But pretty much every single thing in my life is working against me getting and keeping a girl. And on the off chance I do so, there's a slight medical condition that makes sex very, very inconvenient. Certainly not something I'd even like to attempt right now.

I'm trying to gauge just how difficult / beneficial nofap would be given this context. I've specifically avoided posting this on an echo chamber like /r/nofap since I can't take that place seriously anymore. I've been lurking the forum for a long time, and since I find the quality of discourse and members much higher over here, would very greatly appreciate any input. Thanks guys.
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