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NoPorn / NoFap Google Group - For Those Who're Serious
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RE: NoPorn / NoFap Google Group - For Those Who're Serious
(03-02-2017 07:53 AM)CameraXL Wrote:  The longest nf/np I did was about 120 in 2015 - helped me to find a Ltr-girl. Overall, It felt great.

In 2016, my longest was about 100 days.

I made several +40 day-streaks in 2016 but since I had no girl around, I relapsed more often than I wish I would have.
That's fucking great, I personally wouldn't stress much about nofap if I got to that point. However, I've looked through your past history and you're not a horny as hell 20 something. I'm not making excuses, just saying, achieving those stats seems close to fucking impossible right now to me in these conditions. I'm sure guys my age have done it before, and I'm not trying to downplay your results or make excuses for myself, just putting all these reports into context, something most guys don't do enough.

(03-02-2017 07:53 AM)CameraXL Wrote:  I think drugs are a big problem too. I used to smoke weed for years and whenever I was stoned, I became extremely horny. Before I started with nf/np in 2014, I used to watch a lot of porn when I was high - so I think my brain was also wired to feeling arrousal when smoking. Don't they say that weed is working as an aphrodisiacum too?

Since I'm competely clean and don't smoke weed anymore, I feel even better. It took too long to realize, but looking back doesn't help.
My thing with weed in particular is, I'm not a man enough yet to handle my shit properly when I'm on it. I always end up smoking my ass off every day once I start, blowing through a lot of cash, but above all, wasting vast amounts of time I can't afford to anymore. Not if I want to live a kickass life. I know it can aid in creativity greatly, and with relaxing, among other benefits. But there are alternatives for that, and it stopped being cool a long fucking time ago.

(03-02-2017 07:53 AM)CameraXL Wrote:  But up until now, 2017 is the hardest. I even relapsed to self-edited porn-compilations I still had somewhere in my laptop. After 2 frustrating fap-sessions, I finally managed to delete 'em off my computer for a fresh, clean start.
Dude what the fuck are you doing, seriously? Delete any porn you might have on your computer, I see no logical reason to store that shit at all. All I have left are are a couple of sexy pictures of past girls that are encrypted, and the password is as close to inaccessible as it will ever get for me lol... just in case I might want to take a peak at those boobies some day, will probably delete them for good if I ever get married though.

(03-02-2017 07:53 AM)CameraXL Wrote:  I don't know whether nf can make hair grow again - my bald spot is still there - but it def can help you when it comes to motivation an feeling good. Less anxiety. And women react different too.
Yeah this is complete bullshit imho, I saw that post as well and if you look really close at the videos, it didn't do jack shit. That dude's hairline is still the fucking same, his bald spots did not get any better, although they didn't get any worse either. His hair was just a bit longer in the last one.
03-02-2017 09:20 AM
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