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RE: NoPorn / NoFap Google Group - For Those Who're Serious
(03-04-2017 06:26 PM)redbeard Wrote:  I posted this before:

(06-01-2016 09:15 PM)redbeard Wrote:  @DrCotard

Lasting longer boils down to a few things

-Switching positions. Doggystyle without a condom drives me crazy I'll come in about five seconds. Girl on top is best. Side to side is favorite, great for passionate fucking.

-Wear a condom (get one that fits for maximum pleasure)

-Deep breathing

-Jerk off before the date or once a week (avoid porn)

-Have a bunch of girlfriends in rotation


-Drugs. I have no experience but GLL recommends a ton

-Go for two rounds (get the lube ready)

I'm open to any suggestions this is something I always deal with but don't really care. The longer I go without sex, the more I want it, the easier it is to go for two rounds. So it balances out.

I've more recently found a few things that helped.

The 5 g's for big erections help with shortened refractory, harder boners, and longer stamina.

Additionally, I try to do this stretch as much as possible during the day:

[Image: maxresdefault.jpg]

I also do this while laying down at night. It feels great to spread my legs out and read. This might help with a tight pelvic floor.

While in the act, I've found yelling, groaning, moaning, etc. to help. The reason we come quick is because the sensation is too much to handle, so if we outwardly express the feeling, our body can handle it better. It also helps to have sex with a girl you're comfortable with. I have found this first hand, if I'm banging a girl for a few weeks in a row my performance increases tenfold. If I don't see the same girl for a while, then see her again? My performance will drop. Whenever I feel like I have to impress a girl, my performance decreases.

This is why meditation is so useful...the less outcome dependent I am on the sex, the better it is. Funny isn't it...

Lastly a common tip is to breathe deeply. I've found this useless but instead BREATHE INTO YOUR BALLS! Elliott Hulse style. The breathing isn't what helps, but when I focus on breathing into my balls, it loosens up the pelvic floor and makes the sex more enjoyable.

thank you for all your help redbeard! I will try those things. The thing about wanting to impress is true...And breathing into your balls is awesome, I always keep forgetting to do it though, it's in my to-do list.
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