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NoPorn / NoFap Google Group - For Those Who're Serious
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RE: NoPorn / NoFap Google Group - For Those Who're Serious
Neil your being a poor sport. I really find a dude quite dense or stupid as hell to not think that an artificial creation like digital porn is not detrimental to a males mind and well being. Its okay if you don't subscribe to the theory but to come in and belittle kats is low brow at its finest. You have kats in here giving their personal testimonials and you still claim its some how a myth?

At least have a debate and bring your own view to the table, nothing wrong with that.

This type of acting is mad childish. If you have any personal or family battles with addictions or issues you would look at this in a different light. You sound mad gilded right now.

Edit: I guess I should do a update on my progress thus far. I am still not 100% off viewing porn I have not viewed videos or anything like that for about a month now and have not fapped in how long I think 3-4 weeks?. But I still stumble on pics and stuff, even on this forum (Those Kern Vice vids?) so I do not know if that is cheating my brain or not but since shit was static or mild I don't think it did. I think the motion pictures and sound does more to the back brain versus just static pictures. My dreams have calmed down a bit but my sleep has been off and I am still mad irritable. My game has been sharper though I steeped on the weekend and was a beast. Only time things get hectic is after the gym that is usually when my testo and horniness is sky high and I am hyperventilating mess.

Going into the dark zone that most guys don't want to talk about but fuck it. I will. Sleeping is always the roughest part my brain is still fucked and my dreams basically re-program porn or bangs I have had. I'll sometimes end up busting one in my sleep without even noticing, kats shy away from this as its something people only think of happening in their youth but it can still be a problem in later years also. This has cooled down as of late though but if I don't empty on a lizard I will empty at night so gotta keep busy and in the gym to keep the energy up to go slay lizards.

Keep on truckin'
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